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What Is IFRS And Why Should You Get A Certification?

When it comes to financial reporting, there should be a standard process and way of representing it. This is why IFRS is an important concept making the accounts of any organisation understandable across international boundaries. If you want to know more about IFRS and the advantages of getting a certification in IFRS, read on. What is IFRS? IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is a set of international accounting standards which has been established by the IFRS Foundation and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The aim is to provide a common global language for the companies to prepare and publish their financial reports so that it is acceptable and recognisable... Read More

IFRS vs GAAP: Which is best-suited for you?

Accounting is an important activity to understand the financial health of an organisation and determines the business activities. The two most common accounting standards are IFRS and GAAP. If you … Read More

Expert Advice: How Finance Is Essential to Move Into Leadership Role...

In an exclusive blog written for Naukri Learning, Dr. Abhijit Phadnis – a Finance expert, who is a national rank-holder Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary,  Chartered Financial Analyst (India … Read More

Career Paths you could explore with an IFRS certification!

Global economy being growing with revolutionary pace, making financial & accounting an emerging one. With the increasing demand of financial management by the organizations, IFRS is gaining popularity globally. IFRS … Read More

Understanding Financial Reporting and its Standards!

Set of standards that are accepted, shared & utilized globally to manage business affairs by making accounts & finances pertinent to organizations easily understood and comparable across the globe are … Read More