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Difference Between Spark and Hadoop

  Spark and Hadoop are big data frameworks, but they don’t serve the same features. Spark is a data processing tool that works on data collections and doesn’t do distributed … Read More

The Big Data Showdown: Apache Spark vs Impala

As the big data industry is growing, the tools and techniques associated with it are also increasing. There are various tools that have made it easy for professionals to analyse big data. However, the question that often arises is which among these tools is better? The same goes for Apache Spark and Impala. This article will try to find which one is better – Apache Spark or Impala. Big data is a revelation to the technology industry and has changed the way data has been usually conceived. Businesses have discovered its potential and adopted for creating value in terms of better product or service delivery, better customer interactions and better market understanding. If you are looking... Read More