Top Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

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Saleforce interview questions

Salesforce is the leading CRM service provider. It is vital for anyone appearing for Salesforce related job interview. The more experienced you are, the more you get to know the questions asked in an interview. Here is the list of top most frequently asked salesforce interview questions helping you get through your interview. Hopefully this will help land a high-end job in the field of your passion.

This article will help you if you are preparing for Salesforce interview, with some of the common Salesforce interview questions asked, along with answers.


Q1. Define salesforce?


Ans. It is a cloud computing firm offering an array of Services (SaaS) and products (PaaS). In a simple language, it is a tool that aids individuals manage database in a very stimulating and easy to use interface.


Q2. Explain Governor Limits?


Ans. These are salesforce’s way of forcing you to write scalable and competent code. Different limits in salesforce are:

  • Email limits
  • com platform apex limits
  • Size specific apex limits
  • Per-transaction apex limits
  • Static apex limits


Q3. Can you edit an apex class in production environment?


Ans. No, it is impossible to edit an apex class in production environment directly.


Q4. What is object relationship in salesforce?


Ans. It is used to link custom object records to standard object records in a related list. You can also explain different types of relationships by creating custom relationships domains on an object.


Q5. What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?



  • CRM for enhanced communication
  • It improves customer service
  • Improved analytical data and reporting
  • Automation of repetitive and less important tasks
  • Greater efficiency for multiple teams


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Q6. What may cause data loss?



  • Changing to auto-number except from text
  • Modifying to number, currency and percent from other data types
  • Changing from text-area to URL, email, phone and text
  • Changing from checkbox, auto number, multi-select pick list to other types


Q7. How many types of relationships included in SFDC?



  • Lookup relationship
  • Master detail relationship


Q8. Name some actions in workflow?


Ans. Following are some of the actions available in workflow:

  • Task
  • Outbound message
  • Email alert
  • Field update


Q9. What are the different object relations in salesforce?


Ans. There are three types of object relations:

  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Master detail


Q10. What is dashboard?



Ans. It is a pictorial representation of the report. Dashboards help users measure the impact of the users and identify trends.


Q11. What is whatId in activities?


Ans. WhatId refers to objects. That would be an Opportunity ID.


Q12. What is Audit Trail?


Ans. Helping you track the recent setup changes that you and other administrator have made to your companies, Audit Trail offers an information about the changes to your salesforce in the last 6 months.


Q13. Mention some email templates that are created in salesforce?


Ans. The different types of email templates that can be created in salesforce are:

  • Visual force
  • HTML with letterhead
  • Custom HTML


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Q14. Name some examples of Custom field types?


Ans. URL, Text area, Lookup relationship, Email, Date, Percent, Phone, Currency, Number, Pick list and more.


Q15. What fields are indexed by default in salesforce?



  • Primary keys
  • Audit dates
  • Foreign keys
  • Custom fields


Q16. What is a role in salesforce?


Ans. A role is used to meet the data roll up expectations. It enables higher level users in hierarchy to obtain access in your salesforce company’s data.


Q17. Can you schedule a dynamic dashboard?


Ans. No, it is not possible to schedule a dynamic dashboard in salesforce.


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Q18. Define sharing rule?


Ans. It is used when a user wants to enable access to other users.


Q19. Name the different types of reports available in salesforce?


Ans. The various reports are given below:

  • Matrix report
  • Summary report
  • Tabular report
  • Joined report


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