Nowadays, HR managers recognize Project Management Professionals as a main part that is vital to the growth of Business. But hiring the right candidate can get a little difficult. You will never know: will this candidate fit into the culture of the company? An excellent project manager must have good experience and in-depth knowledge of project management theories. We have collected some interview questions and answers that will help the candidates during the project management job interview.

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Top PMP Interview Questions and Answers

Here’s a curated list of top project management (PMP) interview question and answers for a project management job interview:

Q1. What is your view on PMP?

Answer: As a project manager, one has to face uncertainties throughout time. It is essential for the manager to identify risks and communicate appropriately. This question will show you their priorities and how determined a project manager is. Besides this, you will know whether they are the perfect fit for your team.

Q2. Why did you choose PMP Certification?

Answer: It demonstrates your knowledge and dedication to constantly and successfully be a project manager. It’s worth probing the skills of applicants. Find out the last project they handled with creative thinking.

Q3. What do you spend most time carrying out every day?

Answer: This will give you a hint of how a person does his/her job. If he/she spends all day at the pc can suit your environment or someone who visits clients most days of the week. So, if you find something that fits with the post, you can consider it for further process.

project management interview questions

Q4. What was the most difficult decision you have made?

Answer: It will show their knowledge of PMI code and their approach towards work. The interviewers want to know how they have handled the new challenges and stressful situations. Get this one right to score major points.

Q5. What criteria did you use to improve the project management process?

Answer: This will demonstrate what is significant to you at work. Everyone gets an opportunity to tender suggestions for improvements.  Look for someone who has superb ideas and exciting projects to put forward.

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Q6. When did you run into serious conflict and how you dealt with it?

Answer: This gives an idea of how well you do your job. Having a strong focus and finding a solution to each problem means a great leader.  A project manager does this all the time, so make good relations with people and don’t rule them before knowing anything about them.

Q7. Which one skill does a project manager need to succeed?

Answer: This question forces the candidates to decide one of the scores of skills needed by a project manager. This explains the experience and focuses on a project manager. Your greatest strength as a project manager should be your answer to this question.

Q8. If you had to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 as a project management professional, what would it be?

Answer: This can show how they value their career and don’t forget to ask why they chose that rating. Having a clear focus and thought is essential for project managers.

These will help candidates to prepare well for their interviews. Good luck with your job search!

Q9. Did you ever face any challenges while managing projects? How did you handle those challenges?

Ans. With the responsibilities of a project manager, comes a lot of challenges. So pick out one which you have been successful in handling. Give the various ways how you have handled and the strategy you came up with.

Q10. Which of the methodologies have you used in your projects? Why do you prefer it over others?

Ans. There are various methodologies — Agile, Waterfall, etc. — which are used in project management. Be well-prepared about the various pros and cons of each methodology that you have used. Never mention the ones that you haven’t used.

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