Since the CoronaVirus pandemic has outbursted, the pattern of learning and education has evolved for all age groups. From primary school kids to senior executives, every one of us has gained exposure to virtual learning be it a virtual school class or an Online MBA program. 

In such changing dynamics, below are some of the critical questions that must have surely muddled the minds of many:

  • Should I go for an Online MBA instead of a classroom MBA? 
  • Are MOOCs the new Normal?
  • Since the Classroom MBAs have not shown any major changes in their learning pedagogy; have they missed the ship of the Digital Revolution?
  • Is the thought of getting lucrative jobs automatically after finishing an MBA now a myth? 

Giving a direct answer to such questions would be a little difficult, but yes, the following latest online MBA news can put a lot of us in a dilemma:

  • IIMC’s 2020 batch starting in August will offer a direct-to-device mode flagship MBA program
  • Applications to most of the MBA programs are constantly declining 
  • EY is letting all its employees get an online MBA for free in collaboration with the Hult International Business School 
  • Gies College of Business of the University of Illinois has observed massive growth in its iMBA program and is expecting around 3,750 and 4,000 students for the upcoming fall

Also big names like the University of Iowa, Wake Forest University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, etc. have withdrawn from the full-time MBA market because the expenses of delivering quality programs were a major challenge. 

With these things happening, both the scope and demand of Online MBA or virtual MBA programs have gone up. Also, professionals are now doing MBA from Home by taking up popular online courses from Ivy League and other Flagship institutes. 

Following this practice is not only saving professionals from taking substantial debt but also upskilling them with the most in-demand skills pertaining to their domains. 

Now that the pattern of learning is becoming a new trend, we have listed some of the reasons why online MBA could be your best bet:

#1. Online MBA Programs are Very Diverse

Online MBA courses and programs offer the flexibility of opting for specialized domains. It also enables professionals to learn things from a different point of view. Along with this, it also opens up the opportunity to learn agile techniques and strategies when compared to old business ideas. With modern case-studies and real-time projects, these programs have proven to be more diverse and practical. 

For example, the following Online MBA programs are very diverse and offer specialized learning:

#2. Online MBA Gives you the Option to Pick Combination of Courses Based on Skills You Require

With MOOCs and popular online platforms, you can prepare your own list of courses based on the skill you want to ace in. Most of the professionals nowadays are opting MBA From Home and making their own basket of courses depending upon the skills their employers demand. 

With choosing the right courses, professionals can acquire the skills which can even surpass MBA pass-outs. Here are some free or free to audit courses which you can combine to match an MBA degree and the best part is that these courses are from most popular Ivy League Institutes:

#3. Online MBA Makes You Ready for Fresh Market Challenges

Considering a study stated by India Skills report for the year 2019, around 36.44% of the MBA talents are readily employable. However, as per the ASSOCHAM report in 2018, approximately 7% of the MBA students in India are actually skilled and readily employable. This report also highlights the issue like: 

  • An outdated MBA curriculum
  • No measures and control on the quality of courses
  • Not very satisfactory campus placement support with low-paying jobs
  • Poor quality of course pedagogy and inexperienced faculties 

All these issues are startling when planning to apply for a full-time MBA program. 

In such a situation, you need something that can make you market-ready and employable. At the same time, you expect that a specialized online MBA program makes you ready for the following things:

  • Identifying and enduring opportunities for innovation
  • Successfully molding in a challenging and not so easy market
  • Preparing you to cater to all the possible risks 

This is how one can aim for achieving growth.

Not only online MBA, but even MOOCs have also proved that even with a lighter and efficient education model, it is possible for millennials to thrive in the business working environment. Some of the popular MOOCs and online course providers offering management courses are:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Skillsoft
  • Upgrad
  • Talentedge

#4. Online MBAs are Economical 

Today a lot and lots of flagship colleges and Ivy institutes are now offering impactful online MBA programs, that are not hefty on your pockets. Further, the COVID time has started the wave of affordable online learning. Thus, EdTech companies are pushing in more resources to offer innovative technologies and new digital initiatives. Along with being affordable, these programs also provide huge flexibility and students get the opportunity to get a wider look at the depth of their skills. 

Wrapping Up

With professors fitting themselves for the live classes and students adopting technologies like Zoom, a whole new level of education and learning has become a popular attribute of online MBA. Since the new revolution is in process for online learning, many believe that the wave of online MBA and virtual learning and skill development has just started. 


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