Top Project Management Interview Questions and Answers

  Nowadays, Hr managers recognize Project Management Professionals as a main part that is vital to growth of Business. But hiring the right candidate can get a little difficult. You will never know: will this candidate fit into the culture of the company? An excellent project manager must have good experience and in-depth knowledge of project management theories. We have collected some interview question and answers that will help the candidates during the project management job interview.   Here's a curated list of top project management (PMP) interview question and answers for project management job interview:   Q1. What is your view on PMP?   Answer: As a... Read More

How To Become a Business Analyst? – A Detailed Guide

Business analysts are core members of any organisation nowadays. They have dynamic roles as per the organisation and if you are looking to start a career in business analysis, this article will act as a helping guide. Read on to know more about the business analyst profile and how you can become one.   What is business analysis?   Business analysis is a practice or a research discipline through which organisations can identify solutions to their business problems or enable a required change in the business processes, organisational context or strategic planning. The person who is associated with such tasks is known as a business analyst.   What are the roles... Read More

Top General Management Interview Questions & Answers

Are you looking to move into a general management position? This position requires high-level leadership qualities and a good understanding of how to run a business, organisation, institution, establishment or even sports teams, as per the job. If you are appearing for a general management interview, you need to be highly confident and be on the top of your abilities. This article will help you to gain valuable insights on some of the common interview questions.   What is General Management?   Before moving to the interview questions, let us have a basic understanding of what general management is. General management, unlike technical or functional managers, has a broader... Read More

Top Project Coordinator Interview Questions

If you are appearing for a project coordinator interview, you need to be well-prepared for both technical and non-technical questions. This article will provide you with some of the most commonly-asked interview questions for a project coordinator profile. Project coordinators are important members of a project team in any organization. They are responsible for tracking and monitoring the overall progress of a project. They are the point of contact and are tasked with solving any troubleshooting issues that may arise. Here are 20 common project coordinator interview questions and answers that are frequently asked: Q1. What are the most important skills according to you that is necessary... Read More

Top Program Manager Interview Questions

Are you preparing for a program manager interview? If you are worried about the type of questions that are going to be asked, we got you covered! This article will … Read More

How can I crack PMP exam in first attempt?

Project management is the discipline of carefully projecting or planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. It includes six performance domains: initiating, planning, … Read More

The Best Way to Learn Python

An object oriented programming language, Python is used everywhere from back-end web servers to front-end development and everything in between. It is named after British comedy group Monty python. Its … Read More

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How to Prepare for the PMP Exam

  Project Management Professional (PMP) is a professional designation offered by the Professional Management Institute (PMI). It is one of the most reputed designations all over the world and universally … Read More