Fundamentally, Python is a high-level programming general purpose language with a design philosophy focusing on readability of codes along with syntax permitting programmers to code concepts in much lesser lines & space when compared to other programing languages like C, C++, Java and so on. It offers ideas concentrating to support clearing of programs on various small to large scales. The language is very much compatible with programming paradigms and institutes a dynamic type system & automatic memory management along with having a huge & dedicated standard library. There are numerous reasons why Python is becoming popular to be learned among programmers, 5 of the most significant of those are:

Easy to learn:

When compared to other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc., Python is much easier to comprehend and implement. The language is much simpler and in terms of writing, as the same code can be written in fewer lines so can be considered more economical than other languages. Java is observed to be more time & effort taking than Python, furthermore, the biggest advantage of Python is that it can be easily learned by even non-programmers. The simplicity and easiness of Python comes from its simple syntax and aspects of adaptability and the fact that it is a free language i.e. its latest version can be downloaded & utilized makes it immensely popular.

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Compatible implementation on Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer of a size of a card, which can bring revolution to the globe as it offers the possibility for the programmers to develop gadgets of their own, for instance cameras, games, radios and many other never seen before conceptual gadgets. With these conceptual new gadgets, programmers & manufactures can create waves in the market with all the new ideas. Python’s compatibility & implementation with Raspberry Pi makes it even more in demand among programmers. A lot of effort is required in coding and despite of that usually programmers does not get the desired or any fascinating output. With the combination of Python & Raspberry Pi, programmers can implement their ideas into real life through coding.

Great implementation for startups:

Coding required by any product involves time, effort and cost. Startups initially doesn’t have that kind of wide budget window or time & effort to be put by a large team as it will again eventually incur cost. Python being economically better than other languages as it utilizes lesser number of lines for a specific code, it can be of immense use to start ups. Easy to learn & manage, it can be handled by a small team, which eventually mitigates the cost incurred on coding. Apart from cost savings, a robust & efficient support team makes Python an obvious choice over other languages for start-ups.

From Start-ups to giants:

Not only start-ups but IT giants also rely to a great extent on Python. Big names in the industry like Google, IBM, NASA, Mozilla, Yahoo, Nokia and so on are some of the reputed Python users. Google & Google Application Engine along with YouTube,, Google Data Python client library and so on are all developed on Python. Such big names using Python motivates others also to use the language, eventually creating a good demand of Python developers in the market.

Endless resources & testing framework:

Python language comprise of a big standard library offering inbuilt functionality, which is one of the most significant reasons why a huge number of applications are developed by using Python. This is also a reason why a Python developer never gets trapped as the resources available are endless and one or more of them always keep getting updated.  It also has a built in testing framework encompassing crucial points like inclusion of debugging time & quickest workflows.


Summing things up, we can consider Python as an overall solution package for developers and the future remains brightest for the language in terms of growth and utilization. The adaptability and ease of learning & implementing makes Python a must learn for developers. Keeping in mind, the demand and dependency of giant IT firms on Python, makes it a long run player and the endless aspects offered by it provides Python a substantial advantage over other coding languages.

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