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As per the data of Global Leadership Forecast, only about 14% of CEOs are confident about the fact that they have the right leadership talent who can execute their strategies. Also, the research highlighted the fact that most of the companies even after spending around $50 billion annually on leadership development don’t have the desired strength of meeting their business goals. Thus, all these CEOs and business heads are looking for an integrated leadership strategy. The below graph highlights how businesses are ready for the following business challenges if they do or do not have an effective leadership strategy: [caption id="attachment_16277" align="aligncenter" width="676"]... Read More

Leadership vs Management: The Grand Old Debate

There has always been a debate on whether leadership and management are the same thing or not; and if they are different, then why? This article will try to differentiate … Read More

5 Steps To Help You In Becoming A Leader

Leadership comes from experience and learning. Learning and experience are interconnected — one experiences things to learn and in the same way learns something to get a new experience. Leadership … Read More