Java Certification Questions and Answers

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Java programmers across the world keep wondering whether should they go for the Java certification? Will it help them to earn higher salary or secure a nice job? Here are some of the queries which are usually asked by the IT professionals before taking up Java certification, and their respective answers.

Why should I take up Java Certification?

  • An Oracle Java certification can help you to learn the structure and syntax of the Java programming language and verifies that a programmer can use Java for creating applications.
  • Earning a certification certainly gives you an advantage over your competition. This knowledge is required by employers across different fields of programming and development.
  • Besides, the certification exam prepares you for all the tricky questions regarding Java. Hence in job interviews, you will be more prepared than your competition to answer tricky and hard questions.

If you are planning to start off as a Java developer at the beginner level, then having a Java certification may be worthy and will add value to your resume.

How much time will it take to learn Java?

Well, this is dependent on the fact that how much you already know. If we assume that you are starting this from scratch, you would need at least six months of learning Java. This includes learning from not just the training manuals, but also from exclusive hands-on practical experience.

Besides, if you have a programming background with a knowledge of C/C++, then you can learn Java in a few weeks.

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Which are the most popular Java certification courses?

Popular Java certification courses offered by Oracle are –

Exam NameDuration No. of questionsPassing ScoreExam Format
Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer150 minutes7765%Multiple Choice
Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer150 minutes8565%Multiple Choice
Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer90 minutes5565%Multiple Choice
Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master150 minutes6071%Multiple Choice
Java (EE) Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment6 monthsNAValidityPerformance-Based
Java (EE) Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay120 minutesNAValidityEssay

How shall I proceed with Java certification course?

Java certifications starts with OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) for which you need to pass Java SE 8 Programmer I, 1Z0-808. This exam is a prerequisite if you look forward to pursue OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) certification for which you need to pass Java SE 8 Programmer II, 1Z0-809. With OCP certification, you can progress to OCE (Oracle Certified Expert) and other higher level Java certifications.

If you are willing to prepare for Oracle Java certification exams, you would need to attend classes. The mode of education will depend on your choice, that whether you want to go for online classes or on-campus classes, besides, you also need to take up practice exams. Each exam has different preparation options, but the preparation method will totally depend on your style of reading and practicing. Exams also have clearly defined objectives so you will get all the information about the exam. Individuals need to carefully review these objectives before signing up for the certification exam.

What are OCA and OCP?

So, OCA is the entry-level certification for Java programmers and can be a good starting point to learn Java basics. You will get to learn topics like variables, data types, arrays, loops, classes, methods, and exceptions, as well as some advanced level stuff like implicit narrowing, explicit casting, autoboxing, nested classes, polymorphism and inheritance, abstract classes and interfaces, and some specific APIs to deal with collections, strings and calendar objects.

OCP is the next-level certification for Java programmers. It’s the next level and an advanced exam, dealing with design patterns, generics, File I/O (NIO.2), JDBC, threads and concurrency.

Which version of Java certification shall I select?

You should always go with the updated version. If you are already pro at Java 7, you should earn a Java 8 or Java 9 certification. This certification demonstrates more profound knowledge of Java development skills using JAVA SE APIs, like Concurrent API, JDBC API, etc. Examination for this certification includes basic Java and object-oriented programming questions.

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In a Nutshell

Hope these answers help you to gain an idea about why should you opt for Java certification. A variety of options are available that can help to you decide which type of course should you go for. There is much more about Java certification than just having a better knowledge of the Java language, and that include design patterns, clean codes, algorithms, testing, tools and development processes. Once you are a Java certified professional, you can always go for different other advanced certifications which will not only add to your resume, but also make you a prospective employee for your dream company.

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