How Big Data is Helping Businesses to Play Smart

Converting knowledge into action is always easier said than done. Businesses these days are playing smart and look interested in having a culture that is much more objective, agile and data driven. They are taking every step to convert knowledge into action, and for that they don’t shy away from embracing the power of data and technology. One such power is Big Data. Big Data is a term that refers to large, continuously increasing, varied and often unstructured sets of digitized data that is difficult to maintain using traditional databases — available within or outside the organization. Society has been storing and transmitting information since the existence of humanity! After... Read More

Quiz: Big Data Facts and Figures

Every business, small or big, required significant data. Big data plays a great role in understanding the audience and their needs. It aids companies achieve scores of goals. The term defines availability of large data sets structured and unstructured that traditional applications are inadequate to deal with them. The benefits that big data offer are efficiency and speed. And it leads to smarter business, satisfied customers and great profits. It is important because technologies like Hadoop bring benefits when it comes to storing large amount of data and better decision making. And the proven platform for building applications on Hadoop is Cascading. Cited one of the top Hadoop... Read More

5 Key Challenges Organizations Face When Implementing Big Data

Using big data in scores of industries to produce business is indeed a reality. The data is getting bigger than ever and as a result, mostly facing data challenges: not … Read More

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Big Data is acknowledged across the world for offering data center strategies. It facilitates organizations to stock up, manage and maneuver huge quantity of data at correct pace & in … Read More

Mastering Hadoop – Pros and Cons of Using Hadoop technologies

Hadoop is fundamentally meant to distribute storage & processing of Big Data sets on clusters of computer systems created on commodity hardware and it is an open source software framework. … Read More

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What is CISA?    Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is a globally accepted certification in audit, control and security of information systems. It offers great amount of prominence and credit in … Read More

Cloud Computing: The good and the bad!!

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  What Is Big Data?   Big data is the large volume of structured and unstructured data which is so huge by its volume that it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. … Read More

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