Top 20 Test Lead/QA Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Are you preparing for a test lead interview? It can be very challenging to be successful in an interview with so many competitions and the level of questions that are asked for the position of a QA manager or test lead. If you are worried about the type of questions asked, check out this article to get a good understanding of the test lead interview questions. As a test lead, you are expected to show good leadership qualities along with proficiency in the technical areas of work. You are the one who will be responsible for your team’s success in projects. It requires one to have good test advocacy, resource planning and effective resolution of problems. Some of the commonly-asked... Read More

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Top 20 Important SQL Interview Questions & Answers

SQL is an important querying language which used to create and modify databases. If you are preparing for an SQL interview, this article will help you to understand the important questions which are asked and the answers associated with it. There are various profiles like data analyst, database administrator and data architect that requires the knowledge of SQL. Apart from guiding you in your interviews, this article will also give a basic knowledge of SQL. Here are some of the probable SQL Interview questions that may be asked in a SQL interview:   Q1. What is a DBMS?   Before starting with SQL, let us have a brief understanding of DBMS (Database Management System).... Read More

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