What Is MapReduce And What Are The Benefits Of A Certification?

Big data has garnered immense interest among many organisations across industries who are looking to get the most out of the information they have. A sub-project of Hadoop, MapReduce is one of the important big data processing tools and have increased in popularity in the recent years. If you want to know more about MapReduce and what are its advantages, read on…   What is MapReduce?   MapReduce in simple terms can be explained as a programming model that allows the scalability of multiple servers in a Hadoop cluster. It can be used to write applications to process huge amounts of data in parallel on clusters of commodity hardware. It is inspired by the map and reduce... Read More

Top 25 Cisco Interview Questions and Answers

Hundreds of candidates face Cisco interview questions every year. The skill set required is tested through individual interviews for experienced candidates and mass campus recruitment drives for freshers. Meritorious candidates or those with good academic track records and strong analytical skills, ace the Cisco interview. In order to qualify, you should have strong fundamentals in networking concepts, which you can acquire with the help of a CCNA certification course. Your expertise in algorithms, data structures, programming languages (like C and C++) and scripting languages (like Perl and python) may add more points too. Here are 25 top Cisco interview questions to help you prepare... Read More

What Is CCNA And Why Should You Get A Certification?

CCNA has always been a prominent name in networking and if you are looking to get a certification in CCNA, you have come to the right place. It has always been considered the industry gold standard of certification for anyone who wants to start a career in networking. After acquiring the CCNA certification, you can go for higher levels of certification like the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional). This article will cover all the areas of certification in CCNA and how you could get one.   What is CCNA?   CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a prominent networking certification offered by Cisco, the world’s... Read More

What Is ITIL And What Are The Benefits Of An ITIL Certification?

The IT industry is a constantly evolving one and one needs to keep up with the latest developments to be able to provide the best IT services. That is why, there needs to be some kind of established framework or methodology so that IT managers, consultants and other professionals in the IT can manage their projects efficiently. ITIL is such a framework which provides a set of best practices in the IT services management. If you are looking to boost your career in IT, you can go for an ITIL certification course.   What is ITIL?   ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework that provides a set of best practices in ITSM (IT Service Management) that helps... Read More

What Is AWS And Why Do You Need A Certification?

Cloud computing has come a long way since its inception and has become an essential part of the technology industry nowadays. There are various big industry names who are using AWS to scale their business growth. If you are interested in enrolling in a professional course in AWS, this article will help you understand everything about AWS and how a certification is going to help you. The current tech industry is based on fast growth as the competition is too high and the market is too volatile. This calls for an infrastructure that is highly flexible and scalable. AWS provides the base for the companies that want to grow their business without having to manage their own infrastructure.... Read More

Top 20 Test Lead/QA Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Are you preparing for a test lead interview? It can be very challenging to be successful in an interview with so many competitions and the level of questions that are asked for the position of a QA manager or test lead. If you are worried about the type of questions asked, check out this article to get a good understanding of the test lead interview questions. As a test lead, you are expected to show good leadership qualities along with proficiency in the technical areas of work. You are the one who will be responsible for your team’s success in projects. It requires one to have good test advocacy, resource planning and effective resolution of problems. Some of the commonly-asked... Read More

Create Your Own Mobile Application in 5 Simple Steps!

Mobile applications have become the de facto mode of using the internet on mobile phones for majority of the smartphone users in India. These mobile applications serve varied purposes in … Read More

Top 20 Important SQL Interview Questions & Answers

SQL is an important querying language which used to create and modify databases. If you are preparing for an SQL interview, this article will help you to understand the important questions which are asked and the answers associated with it. There are various profiles like data analyst, database administrator and data architect that requires the knowledge of SQL. Apart from guiding you in your interviews, this article will also give a basic knowledge of SQL. Here are some of the probable SQL Interview questions that may be asked in a SQL interview:   Q1. What is a DBMS?   Before starting with SQL, let us have a brief understanding of DBMS (Database Management System).... Read More

Top Data Science Tools That Will Make You Job-ready

There are numerous tools associated with data science. If you are someone who is new to the field, you will be overwhelmed and intimidated by the number of data science … Read More

5 Tech Careers That Will Still Be After 2020

There has been a lot of chaos in the IT market at present with a lot of buzz going around layoffs and reduction of jobs in future due to automation. … Read More