Data Warehouse Interview Questions and Answers

The data warehouse is a process involving data collection and data management to present significant business acumens to businesses. Being the core of Business Intelligence (BI), data warehouse analyst is one of the most sought after careers in 2020. Thus, this guide covers frequently asked data warehouse interview questions along with answers. Today, the data warehouse is an essential practice for almost every industry, including verticals like healthcare, IT, automation, retail, logistics, and government agencies. This exclusive guide is specially designed for both fresher and experienced professionals. It covers extensive data warehouse interview questions that can help you crack the... Read More

CCNA Certification Exam Details

200-301 Implementing and Administering Cisco Networking Technologies (CCNA) programme is a new technical certification for associate-level job roles in IT technologies. The course would require clearing just one CCNA exam. The CCNA syllabus would cover topics like – Network fundamentals Network access IP connectivity IP services Security fundamentals Automation and programmability The certification would validate a professional’s ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routed & switched networks. This new CCNA exam will go live on February 24, 2020 and will replace the need to take up the below certifications – CCNA Routing and Switching CCNA... Read More

AWS Certification Exam, Cost & Eligibility

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification is a set of training programs and certifications by Amazon that validates cloud expertise of the professionals and tale up roles like that of AWS certified solutions architect. These certifications help to highlight the in-demand skills of the professionals and help organizations build compelling, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. Professionals have the option to choose from various AWS exams as per their profile and specialties and help them excel in positions like AWS certified solutions architect. AWS Certification Cost As of January 2020, the AWS certification costs include - Foundational-level exam registration - $100 ... Read More

Ansible Interview Questions and Answers

Ansible is an open-source automation tool used for application deployment, configuration management, and cloud provisioning. It automates the entire IT environment to simplify complex tasks and make developers’ jobs easy and manageable. It also works on IT orchestration, where we can run tasks in sequence and create a chain of events that appears on different servers or devices. Ansible is growing faster than other automation tools. Let’s see some of the advantages of using Ansible: It is a free and open-source tool It is a simple tool to set up and use It helps to model highly complex workflows We can customize the whole application according to the need   This... Read More

PHP interview questions and answers

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose programming language used for web development. It can perform any task related to server-side programming. A PHP file consists of PHP tags, and it ends with the extension ".php." PHP code can be embedded into HTML code. It can also be used with a web content management system, web frameworks, and web template systems. PHP is a simple language to work on, even a new user can work on it. At the same time, it offers multiple advanced features for professional developers. We can develop efficient codes using its distinctive features. Being a popular programming language, many organizations look out for skilled and experienced professionals.... Read More

Top Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce is the leading cloud computing software-as-a-service (SaaS) customer relationship management (CRM) software, which is used to offer a customized experience to businesses. It helps businesses to manage services like customer acquisition and customer retention, and grow the overall customer base. Being one of the most popular CRM software, many companies like Amazon, Adidas, American Express, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are using Salesforce. Approximately 72% of the top-rated marketing firms stated that they would increase their spending on tools like Salesforce till 2020. In addition, most of the companies prefer Salesforce and are migrating their apps to Salesforce. All... Read More

Top Hive Interview Question and Answers

Apache Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure tool build to process structured data in Hadoop. It accelerates data summarization, analyzing datasets, and ad-hoc queries. It provides an easy way to structure an abundance of unstructured data and executes SQL-like queries with the given data. It can easily merge with traditional data center technologies with the help of the JDBC/ODBC interface. In Hive, data are separated by the bucketing process. Hive is designed for managing and querying the structured data that is stored in the table. Hive framework has features like UDFs, and it can increase the performance of the database through effective query optimization. The SQL-inspired... Read More

MySQL Query Interview Questions and Answers

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) by Oracle. It runs across platforms like Linux, UNIX, and Windows, and allows users to manage relational databases. Opportunities are extensive in the field of MySQL, and companies are ready to pay to the professionals with the right skill sets and knowledge. To help to crack your job interview, we have curated some of the most popular MySQL query interview questions. Go through them to succeed in your interview.   Q1. What is RDBMS? Ans. Relational Database Management System or RDBMS is based on the relational database model and is among the most popular database management systems.   Q2. What is collation... Read More

Top Git Interview Questions to Prepare in 2020

If you are planning to appear for a DevOps interview in 2020, recruiters prefer to ask a lot of Git related interview questions. Thus, to make you interview-ready, below we are outlining the series of top Git interview questions along with answers. Here is the List of Frequently Asked Git Interview Questions: Q1. What is Git? Ans. Git is an open-source project distributed version control system (DVCS). Many commercial projects rely on Git as every developer’s code copy is also treated as a repository, which contains all changes done in the past. Below is the detailed description of DVCS: Control System: Git is known for its features like content tracker, and it stores content. ... Read More

Top Jenkins Interview Questions with Answers to Crack Interview in 2...

Be it monitoring the repeated task during a development project or identifying the errors or bugs in the initial stages of product development, Jenkins has emerged as a popular tool for every software development company. Thus, it is not a surprise that when you appear for a DevOps interview, the interviewer can ask you questions related to Jenkins. Therefore, to help you crack the upcoming interview round, we have listed the most frequently asked Jenkins interview questions along with answers. This basic to advanced Jenkins interview guide will be useful for both fresher and experienced professionals. Also, these questions are prepared with the help of DevOps experts who have experience of... Read More