Dubbed the IoT for short, Internet of things is advancing exponentially. Its significance and growth are beyond the reach of speculation. Moreover, integrating IoT in our lives can help businesses, society and people on a daily basis. IOT is the most emerging technology, Don’t you think making a career in IoT will be worth the money, effort and time? Sounds promising, Isn’t it?

Creating new values prepositions and potential revenue, Internet of things is revolutionizing business models, enabling companies to improve their services in real time. Industries can reap oodles of benefits from the Internet of things. It is useful in various categories like location, inventory control, security, individual tracking, asset tracking and shipping. Another benefit is it renders more personalized system to increase business sales and their demographic.

As per the latest report by Deloitte, Internet of things expects to increase 7 times to reach 9 billion by 2020. It will be a next big thing for industries to grow into a hub for IT solutions.  IoT will grow significantly, as customers, companies and governments identify the benefit of connecting devices to the internet.


All new report from Deloitte:


The demand for IoT applications in automotive industries, retail, transport, logistics, manufacturing and various sectors make significant progress in IOT. Typically, IOT is the most emerging technology it is expected to proffer advanced connectivity of systems, services and devices. It also includes a variety of new application areas and expected to generate a great amount of data from different locations.


Here are some of the other insights about the future of Internet of things from the recent report:


  • With progresses in accuracy, reliability and technology of advance tech measures like biometric authentication, IOT will be the largest device market in the globe.
  • 2017 will be the year where we get to focus on monetization and real deployment of IOT systems encompassing hardware and software. This will help operators in understanding the new revenue making opportunities, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.
  • The government is making an investment of $1 billion for smart cities in the next five years, which is deemed to play a main role for IOT adoption across various industries. Now, “the smart cities will lead the place in IOT Deployments.”
  • The organization has also stated that innovative payment channels by traditional and well established software companies combined with government like Unified Payments Interface and Aadhar Enabled Payment systems will have a great impact on smartphone.
  • The main benefit of IOT will be increased success in the city, home and workplace offering control to the user.
  • It is also predicted that in the next two years, telecom will disclose new IoT strategies or broaden the existing one to have a great level of contribution in the overall economy.
  • Some of the famous operators will make large investments to extend their IoT abilities and in a couple of cases they would enter into partnerships with organizations.

The good news is that there continue to be scores of applications, new announcements and real advancements by 2020, says a report.

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