Are you looking to make a career change and move to a digital marketing profile? You might even be a fresh graduate and want to switch to an online marketing role. This article is aimed at both those who are looking to make a mid-career switch or start a new career in the field.

Sometimes in the journey of our professional life, we feel that we have outgrown our role and need to move on to one which provides us with the satisfaction or challenge our heart desires. It may also happen that we may have made a wrong career move just out of college and want to rectify it. If your mind is saying digital marketing, you have come to the right place. You will get to know about switching to your dream profile with the help of a professional digital marketing course through this article.

What is digital marketing?

With everything getting connected to internet nowadays, marketing has also gone digital. Digital marketing, in simple, is any marketing activity that is done by an individual, organisation or a group through digital media, like the search engine, online ads, social media, email, etc.

The main areas of digital marketing are search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), digital analytics and email marketing. You can either gain specialisation in one of the fields or have in-depth knowledge in most of the important ones to become a successful digital marketer.

What is the importance of digital marketing?

Digital marketing has seen a lot of importance across various industries in the recent years. Some of the top ones are:

  • Provides easy targeting – Traditional methods of marketing can offer good audience but you cannot be too sure if you are targeting the right audience as compared to digital marketing. Every point of digital marketing can be monitored and filtered so that your ads or marketing campaigns reach the right audience. This will help you in getting higher efficiency from the campaigns.
  • Get higher ROI– When compared to traditional methods of marketing, digital marketing offers greater audience reach with a lesser amount of cost. This can help small and medium businesses to target a bigger audience within their budget. This infographic from Seriously Simple Marketing shows the difference in investment for the same impact:
  • Gives a higher rate of conversions to lead percentage – Leads are important but without conversions they are meaningless. Digital marketing campaigns usually lead to higher conversion rate as most of the leads are those who are already interested in buying a product or receiving a service. This is because digital marketing campaigns are highly target-specific.
  • Improves brand trust – When you are directly connected with your customers, they feel they are valued. Through social media, you can give customers an easy option to voice their opinions and experiences easily. This will also help you to resolve their problems quickly and in turn, they will give positive reviews which can lead to an improvement in the brand trust.

Why should you choose digital marketing as your career?

If you are interested in the internet and marketing, then digital marketing is the perfect career choice for you. Here are some attractive reasons why you should choose a career in the field:

  • Growing industry – The digital marketing industry is still at its nascent stage and is growing. It is evolving and there will be a need for more professionals who are skilled in digital marketing in the future. Many organisations have increased their digital marketing activities and are hiring skilled professionals. So, there will be no dearth of jobs for skilled professionals in the future.
  • A place for everyone – You do not need a specific degree or academic achievements to become a digital marketing professional. Anyone who has the interest and passion for all things online will be able to acquire the skills associated with it. You might come from a humanities background or an engineering background, it doesn’t matter in digital marketing.
  • Good salary trends – The most important aspect of a career is the growth and salary prospects. If you are worried about the salary, leave your fears behind. A digital marketing role offers decent salary packages and with experience, it generally increases. You can also boost your career growth and salary with a professional digital marketing course.

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How to make a switch to a digital marketing role?

The following step-by-step guide will help you in establishing yourself as a digital marketing professional:

Step 1: Assess yourself. How much do you know about digital marketing? Do you know the basics of internet and how it works? Do you know about websites and social media pages?

Have you answered all the answers positively; then you already are one step ahead in making a switch to a digital marketing profile. If not, start today itself. There are various blogs and resources on the internet which can give you an idea of internet, social media and digital marketing.

It is always good to have an idea before jumping in. This will also help you to understand if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life as it will be difficult to make another switch late in your life.

Step 2: Learn. If you want to move to a new profile, you will have to have knowledge about that profile. No one will hire you otherwise. The best way to do this is to start learning. Get enrolled in a digital marketing course. There are various online and classroom courses which will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing and you will be able to learn to use some major tools as well.

Some of the top certification courses in digital marketing are mentioned here. (link to the “Which are the top certifications in digital marketing”)

Step 3: Start experimenting. Once you learn the tools and skills related to digital marketing, you need to practise. Practice makes you perfect. You will get a deep understanding and gain efficiency when you go for a real job interview.

Step 4: Freelance to get some professional experience. It is not always easy to switch profile from a completely different role. This is why you can go for freelancing in your free time. Do not worry about the money; you can tell the individual or organisation that you can freelance for free if they give you an experience certificate or a reference letter that you have successfully completed their projects. This will really help you in your switch.

Step 5: Prepare for interviews. You have the knowledge and some amount of hands-on experience in digital marketing, now you need to get a regular job. It is not that easy as you will be competing with other professionals. You will need to prepare well for the interviews. The following article will help you to get ready for the interviews.

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Which are the top online certification courses in digital marketing?

There are numerous certification programs in digital marketing online. However, here are some of the most popular ones which can help you to become a complete online marketer:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Master Course – This course is an ideal master’s certification course for those who want to have a complete understanding of digital marketing and build a mastery in the major fields associated with it.
  • Digital Marketing Certified Associate Training – A classroom flexi course which is aimed at providing the candidates with real-time digital marketing campaign experience. This course will make you job-ready to work in any digital marketing team or execute your own digital marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing Specialists Program – The course covers the 8 most important domains in digital marketing. It provides real-world projects and virtual simulation to help you get hands-on experience in working digital marketing campaigns and gain practical skills.

Naukri Learning has a plethora of online courses in digital marketing from which you can choose from. Take up a course today and improve your chances of making a switch.

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