Are you looking for frequently asked HBase interview questions? Here we are providing an article that will give you an idea of the questions which you may face during the interview. You can also learn HBase through a comprehensive hands-on project based HBase training before appearing for an interview.

Here’s a curated list of HBase interview questions and answers that will help you to gain an in-depth knowledge and crack the HBase interview in the first attempt.

Q1. Name the commands used in HBase operations?

Ans. The commands used in HBase operations are Scan, Get, Increment, Put and Delete.

Q2. What is the role of Zookeeper?

Ans. It provides configuration and state management services to Dgraph nodes of the Big Data Discovery cluster.

Q3. What are the main components of HBase?


  • HBase Master
  • RegionServer
  • Catalog Tables
  • Region
  • ZooKeeper

Q4. What is Ulimit of HBase?

Ans. It is an upper bound of the process.

Q5. Name different types of blocks in HBase?


  • Meta
  • Bloom
  • Index
  • Data

Q6. Define HFile?

Ans. It is the underlying storage format for HBase.

Q7. What does S3 stand for?

Ans. S3 stands for simple storage service.

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Q8. What are the benefits of using HBase?


  • Great record level consistency
  • Really tough for querying
  • Doesn’t support partial keys completely
  • Flexible, column based multidimensional map structure

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Q9. What are the three types of tombstone markers?


  • Column delete marker
  • Family delete marker
  • Version delete marker

Q10. What happens when you modify the block size of a column family?

Ans. When you modify the block size, the new data occupies the new block size while the old data remains in the old block size.

Q11. What is the difference between HBase and relational Database?

Ans. Relational Database

  • A schema based database
  • Contains thin tables
  • No built-in support for partitioning
  • Used to store normalized data


  • Schema-less
  • Used to store de-normalized data
  • Contains sparsely populated tables
  • Automate partitioning

Q12. What are column oriented databases other than HBase?

Ans. Cassandra, CouchDB and MondoDB are some of the column oriented databases other than HBase.

Q13. What type of partition provided by HBase?

Ans. Automatic partitions.

Q14. Explain WAL?

Ans. Write Ahead Log (WAL) is similar to MySQL BIN Log. It is a standard file for ensuring data integrity.


Q15. Name some of the different types of filters?

Ans. Following are used to get specific data from an HBase rather than all the records

  • KeyValue Metadata filters
  • Column value filter
  • RowKey filters
  • Column Value Comparators

Q16. Which command to use if a table is disabled?

Ans. Hbase > is_disabled “table name”

Q17. What does YCSB stand for?

Ans. YCSB stands for Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark

Q18. What is the use of truncate command?

Ans. Truncate command is used to drop, recreate and disable the specified tables.

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Q19. When is tall and thin table design considered?

Ans. It is considered when there is a small number of rows and large number of columns.

Q20. What is the role of HMaster?

Ans. It is responsible for monitoring all RegionServer instances in the cluster.

Hope these HBase interview questions help you in preparing for your interview. Do share your experience with us. If there are other HBase interview questions that you have been asked, mention in the comments section below.

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