Check out how does a day in the life of a professional blogger looks like:

Content is known as the heart of digital marketing and a vital tonic for bringing in traffic and encouraging conversions. 

As per the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. In fact, nowadays, around 69% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy, and 76% of the marketers consider organic traffic as the key metric to measure the success of content. 

With content being the king, a lot of people are thrilled to start and become a professional blogger. Also, this profile has turned into a popular and most sought-after career option for a lot of

  • Millennial
  • College pass-outs
  • Freelancers,
  • Women (home-makers) 

So if you too are planning to start a career in content writing or aspiring to become a blogger, it is essential to learn

  • How a day in the life of a content writer looks
  • What are the basic roles and responsibilities of a content marketer
  • Which skills are important to thrive in this domain  

That’s why in continuation of our initiative of interviewing domain experts, this time we had a chance to connect with Mr. Kulwant Nagi professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and world traveler. 

Currently, Kulwant is the Founder of AffloSpark Pvt. Ltd., which is a content writing agency. In his journey, he has delivered hundreds of lectures on content marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO practices, etc. and he also got a chance to share the stage with Neil Patel in Vietnam where he shed some light on blogging.  

So let’s begin!

Interview Log – Mr. Kulwant Nagi

Naukri Learning – Please share a brief introduction about your role as the Managing Director of the content writing agency and an affiliate marketer.

Kulwant Nagi– I am the first contact point of any client. Although I could hire someone to do this job, being a blogger and content writer for more than 9 years, I feel that I am the right guy to understand the customer’s requirements.

Most of the content writing deals we got are via email or phone calls. So when the customer contacts us for the first, I personally talk to them and have a conversation to boost their business with our content writing service.

Naukri Learning – What does a day in your life as a professional blogger looks like?

Kulwant Nagi – I have a very much relaxed day routine as I am working from home since 2011 and all my content writers are also working from home.

I usually get up around 8:30-9:00 AM and start my daily routine around 11:00 AM. The very first thing I check is the tasks that my content writers have completed in the last 24 hours.

I thoroughly check the quality of the content and ask my content manager to go through all of the articles one by one.

Naukri Learning – What would you say is your motivation behind pursuing what was back then a fair niche field?

Kulwant Nagi – I was an explorer since childhood. I was always fascinated by seeing new things. Being a curious guy, I always welcomed the new things and new challenges in my life.

When I heard the term blogging for the first time in 2009, I was very much interested to know more about it. One of my friends, shown his Google analytics and Google AdSense account to me and I was very much fascinated by seeing the new things.

During those days, I was preparing for GRE and TOEFL examinations so I was not free to try new things. But as soon as I finished my graduation in 2010, I started exploring this field.

Seeing the advancement in the world, I was lucky that I predicate the future of it.

I decided to become a full-time blogger in 2011 and never looked back.

Naukri Learning – Tell us about some lessons that you have learned to excel in this field. Could you please share some of your personal career insights and experience?

Kulwant Nagi – The biggest lesson I have learned so far is – humans are the biggest asset.

You cannot build a million-dollar empire alone, so you need the like-minded people who are aligned with your vision and thoughts.

Till 2015, I was working alone and managing so many things on my own. It was very much obvious that being a newbie, I didn’t have the money so that I could pay to someone and get my work done. But as soon as I started making money in 2015, I started hiring people to do many tasks.

Soon after 4-5 months, my income doubled.

Then I started hiring more people and soon the complete game was changed.

Right now I have 43 people working in my company and they all are work from home. 🙂 

Naukri Learning – What skills or characteristics make someone a seasoned content strategist?

Kulwant Nagi – Being in the shoes of your potential readers is the biggest skill any content writer can have.

You must know the pain, happiness, sorrow, and almost all the emotional triggers of the person who is reading your content.

If your content can make them realize that this content was specially written for them, you win the race.

Here is the big tip

Don’t write for the masses, write for JUST ONE. Imagine JUST ONE reader and think how can you help him with your content.

Naukri Learning – Which all content marketing certifications do you hold, how do they benefit you in your current career path?

Kulwant Nagi – I think I would be the only person in my friend circle who doesn’t hold any certificates.

I was never a certificate guy. I never prepared for any exam, I never filled any forms for the jobs.

I prepared for only 4 exams in my life – DET to get admission in Diploma in 2007, LET for getting admission in B.E, and later GRE/TOEFL to get admission in the USA. Apart from these 4 exams, I have never prepared for any exam.

Naukri Learning – Being into content and heading a team of veteran writers, what type of career opportunities do you think are available for content writers?

Kulwant Nagi – Content writers are the people who are driving the internet right now. They work tirelessly to produce awesome content that is getting consumed by so many people.

Content is writing has a very bright future and the demand of content writers is going to increase in the future for sure.

Naukri Learning – Last words – Do you have any expert advice for our readers?

Kulwant Nagi – Content has the power to shake the world. Content has the power to bring the changes and it can bring a big revolution if used properly.

Always do complete research before writing any content because you never know where your content is going to reach after you hit the publish button.

 All the best for becoming a professional blogger and a great writer! 

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