Career Spotlight – Executive Program in Sales & Marketing (EPSM)

Marketing & Sales are the essential components of product or services based organizations, which help to not only understand the products and services required by the consumers but also persuade the consumers to buy them. The current scenario where companies compete is conditioned by a complex market in which multiple factors interact. The constant need to improve marketing & sales management strategies requires companies to be able to face highly competitive and globalized environments. To keep up with this challenge, marketing and sales professionals require new skills to overcome the expectations of the businesses and generate benefits. They must have a broad knowledge of the... Read More

Career Spotlight – Executive Programme in Leadership and Manag...

As per the data of Global Leadership Forecast, only about 14% of CEOs are confident about the fact that they have the right leadership talent who can execute their strategies. Also, the research highlighted the fact that most of the companies even after spending around $50 billion annually on leadership development don’t have the desired strength of meeting their business goals. Thus, all these CEOs and business heads are looking for an integrated leadership strategy. The below graph highlights how businesses are ready for the following business challenges if they do or do not have an effective leadership strategy: [caption id="attachment_16277" align="aligncenter" width="676"]... Read More

7 ways to Effectively Communicate in English

Learning a foreign language isn’t a matter of just a few days, you would need to invest a lot of time and efforts to be a pro at anything. Same is the case with English, a globally spoken language that has become essential for students as well as professionals, and is among the most sought after foreign language courses when it comes to learning. As they say - ‘Practice makes one perfect’.   These tips will help you to improve your English speaking skills and be more comfortable and confident while communicating in English.   Start thinking in English   The most common mistake that people often make is translating their native language to another language before... Read More

Career Spotlight – Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy

Digital and social media marketing have been the most powerful ways for the businesses to reach out to their customers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most popular ways to connect with the niche and is a great marketing strategy that has done wonders for many businesses. With the help of a foolproof digital and social media marketing strategy, you can – Validate your brand Bring a remarkable success to your business Create devoted brand advocates Witness a boost in leads and sales Improve your customer service Marketing strategists require to know the best practices that can contribute to an exponential business growth and this can... Read More

Career Spotlight – Supply Chain Management

Globalization across industries has led to a tremendous growth in trade, and goods need to be procured, stored and dispatched in a streamlined manner, thereby leading to increased dependency on supply chain. With the Government of India introducing GST, industrial reforms, relaxing foreign direct investment (FDI) rules, and increasing spending in logistics businesses, a spur in the segment is seen, and the market has gained momentum better than ever. This important business function has created exclusive opportunities for employment. This requires smart and dynamic candidates with comprehensive and integrated knowledge of Supply Chain Management. Professionals having completed an... Read More

Career Opportunity after MBA

Now-a-days a degree in MBA or Masters in Business Administration is the path of choice for many aspirants. However, it is advisable that when students think of pursuing MBA they should always ask themselves the questions – Why they want to pursue an MBA degree? There is a common notion that the career graph of an individual soars as soon as they possess an MBA degree. But sadly, this is not the case always. Not all candidates land their dream job and start earning an impressive salary right after getting their MBA degree. So, every individual must have well-defined goals and it is only then that they can have a successful career after an MBA.   Why Choose MBA?   Some of the... Read More

Career Opportunity after B.Tech

B.Tech is a very popular course choice opted by Science stream students right after clearing their Class 12 exams. Aspirants are informed that there are typically two types of B.Tech degrees that they can pursue which are three years B.Tech course which candidates can pursue after completing Diploma in Engineering and four years B.Tech course in which aspirants can secure admission right after their Class 12. After completing a B.Tech course, candidates can either pursue higher studies (one popular exam that they can give for this is GATE) or consider pursuing a job in the field of their choice. Although M.Tech is a natural course choice after completing a B.Tech course but these days many... Read More

List of Engineering Courses after 12th

Students of Science stream are eligible for engineering courses after 12th if they fulfill the minimum admission criteria. There are numerous branches of Science to study and earn a degree. And, the economic growth in Science domain on global level has created unending demand for professional in this sector. Science and Engineering is the wheel of progress for the humanity. Engineering gives solution to the existing problems and keep advancing to new problems. If you have the curiosity for unknown and a zeal to contribute to problems of world then pursuing engineering courses after 12th is step in right direction.   Engineering Degrees after 12th   After 12th you have the option... Read More

What to Do After Engineering

Market research indicates that 70% engineering college pass-outs refuse to work in core-IT domain. It is a staggering number for analysts, and why skilled candidate are entangled with the question of what to do after engineering. Might be a wrong choice, change in the economy, or mainly the change within you. If you are puzzled and clueless about what to do post engineering degree, then let us offer some viable options to consider. It throws light on the alternate opportunities, clear the cobwebs, and make a thoughtful decision for the future. Here are the options:   Pursue Master in Business Administration   Indian economy have moved from being an IT-centric one to Outsourcing... Read More