Top SAS Interview Questions and Answers

Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) is an integrated software suite used for data analytics, business intelligence, predictive analytics, and data management. It is developed by the SAS Institute and provides a graphical point-and-click user interface for new users. With SAS, you can perform these tasks: It will access data in any format, i.e., SAS tables, database files, and MS Excel tables. It will manage the existing data to provide the data that you need. It will interpret the existing data using statistical techniques varying from detailed measures such as correlations to logistic regression and mixed models to complicated methods such as Bayesian hierarchical models and... Read More

17 Best Data Science Courses to Learn From Experts

A lot of data science courses, tutorials, and study materials are available on the internet. When you type ‘best data science courses’, ‘best online courses on data science’, or ‘learn data science’ on Google, hundreds of courses will pop up. But as a dedicated data science learner, which data science certification course will best fit your learning requirements and professional priorities is a million-dollar question. To unlock this mystery; the below list of well-curated data science courses will do the needful. After meticulous research, we have listed a directory of both paid and free data science courses suitable for beginners, middle-level learners, and... Read More

13 Examples of Machine Learning Applications in Real World

We can't deny the fact that our personal and professional life relies on the internet! Today we are all dependent upon the technology. Almost a decade ago, we used to rely on all manual ways to fulfill our objectives and never imagined that in this era, we even think of machine learning applications. We never thought that before commencing from a place to reach the desired destination, we could check the exact status of traffic on that route. Or for that matter, ten years ago it was tough to believe that we can order food with just a few clicks! In fact, did you ever thought about saying ‘Ok Google or Hey Siri’ and in return, somebody will speak to you and do as you want them to... Read More

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses Covering Key ML Algorithms

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are among the fastest-growing technologies leveraged by almost every industry including entertainment, transport, healthcare, and automotive. A recent survey conducted by Gartner highlights that since 2018, organizations have tripled the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Such results from these reports are a sign that industry leaders are aggressively looking for hiring AI and ML professionals. Professionals like Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Human-Centered ML Designers, and similar veterans having vast industry expertise keep themselves updated with the best machine learning courses to boost their career... Read More

What is Data Science? A Data Science Tutorial for Beginners

Data Science is one of the biggest industry buzzwords that is commanding in 2019 and will continue to grow in the future. But to many, it is still puzzling to answer what is Data Science? In 2019, Data Science is one of the most attractive domains to adopt and many young talented professionals are envisioning to become a part of it in real life. Thus, this data science guide is dedicated to beginners looking for a future in BI and data science as data scientists. Through this post, you will drive inside the world of data and begin your journey of self-learning. You will also get answers to popular questions like what is data science, how data science is different from BI, and how data... Read More

Top Data Science Interview Questions & Answers

 Data Science is an inter-disciplinary field which is associated with the extraction of information and insights from data through scientific methods, processes, and systems. It can be in various forms, … Read More

Python Vs Java – Which is better to learn

As a software developer, you may have many decisions to make when you are developing an app. From deciding the project budget to choosing the programming language, from usage of tools, platforms and frameworks to describing a set of rules that can be used to give various types of output, the process involves many complexities. When we talk about the languages, two most popular and powerful programming languages used by the software developers these days for developing a range of desktop applications and web applications, are Python and Java. Java was developed to help developers to build software with minimal implementation dependencies, whereas Python was designed for code readability.... Read More

Top SAP Security Interview Questions & Answers

Interviews are always difficult and this is why it needs a good amount of preparation, knowing ahead the type of questions that might be asked. If you are preparing for an SAP security interview, this article will help you and give an idea of the most-commonly asked questions. Read on to know more about what type of questions can be asked in an SAP security interview. SAP systems are loaded with critical information and sensitive data of financials, customers and employees of an organisation. Therefore, it is necessary for an SAP security mechanism to be in place so that there is no risk to the system. There are a lot of opportunities in this area as the number of skilled SAP security... Read More

What Is Data Analytics And Why You Should Get A Certification?

With the growth of information, data has an important part to play for the growth of business across all industries. This has led to a huge demand for skilled professionals in the area and you can have a great career ahead with a certification in data analytics. If you want to know more about data analytics and what are the benefits of getting a certification, read on… What is Data Analytics? According to Wikipedia, “Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.” In simple terms, data analytics can be said to be a set of activities which... Read More

What Is Machine Learning And Why You Should Get A Certification?

We have all heard about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to shape our future and even our jobs. Machine learning is a core part of machine learning and various companies have already used it to automate their processes. If you want to understand machine learning in depth and how a certification in this area is going to help you if you are a data professional, this article is perfect for you!   This article will cover the following points: What is machine learning? What are the advantages of machine learning? Why should you go for a certification course in machine learning? What are the top machine learning certification courses?   What is machine... Read More