The ‘which vs which’ in the cloud computing universe has extended and become a more heated topic of debate with all the major players in the industry vying to take the number one position by providing more and more services. This article will try to find which one out of AWS and Google Cloud is the better one. Read on to find out.

Cloud computing is touted to be one of the most revolutionary areas in technology in the beginning of the 21st century and today the buzz is still growing, with many businesses taking advantage of it. So, what is cloud computing?

To simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services like computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services on a pay-for-use basis. Cloud computing has proved to be beneficial to organisations who are looking to focus on their business side while keeping the cost of hardware and upgrades to a minimum. Let’s discuss the AWS and Google Cloud differences.

Let’s jump in:

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

AWS is a subsidiary of and was launched in the year 2006. It has become one of the most popular cloud computing services providers in the world, and have earned a profit of more than $3 Billion on revenues of more than $12 Billion in the year 2016. It comprises of more than 70 services spanning a wide range of services and operates from 16 geographical locations.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform was started in the year 2011 by Google and offers a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that it uses internally.x

AWS vs Google Cloud

Both of the service providers are big in terms of name and popularity. However, both of them have their own pros and cons. Let’s check out:

  • Pricing – If you are one of those mid-level enterprises or start-ups, pricing can be a huge difference for you. In this matter, there is only one clear winner as Google Cloud is the outright winner in this category. Apart from the cost being lower than AWS, Google Cloud also offers a better cost structure than its counterpart.

Winner: Google Cloud

  • Services – Though Google Cloud is increasing its number of services in the recent years, it is still nowhere near to the number of services offered by AWS. As mentioned above, AWS has more than 70 different services to cater to the different needs of the customers. If someone is looking for a single vendor for long term, then AWS is the best option as their services are very comprehensive.

Winner: AWS

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  • Pay-per-use concept – Google Cloud offers not only cheap prices but also has an incredible pay-per-use facility. It has a pay-per-minute model whereas AWS has a pay-per-hour model. This leads to better cost per use. When you compare between the two models; suppose you take 2 hours 10 minutes to complete an analysis, you will have to pay for 2 hours 10 minutes on Google Cloud but the cost in AWS will be for 3 hours.

Winner: Google Cloud

  • Locations – When using cloud services, it is sometimes good to have the data centre close to your users so that there is minimum latency. In this area, AWS is the winner having 10 data centres outside the US whereas Google Cloud has 7 at present.

Winner: AWS

  • Instance configuration – When it comes to instance configuration, Google Cloud offers a lot more flexibility than AWS. Though in terms of large instance, AWS is the winner offering instances with 128 CPUs with a 2TB of RAM whereas Google Cloud offers 64 CPUs with 416 GB of RAM.

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The Verdict

From the above points, one can see that there are advantages on both sides and there is no clear winner. It all depends on the user. If you want a cloud service with cost on your mind then Google Cloud is your choice, while AWS offers a wide variety of services for those who need something more comprehensive.

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