Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers

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All set to face an interview? Is your lucky pair of shoes or shirt ready for the interview day? Wait…what about your preparations before an interview? Not Done! Don’t fret! Prepare it now. .

If this is your first agile role or you are an experienced pro who hasn’t appeared for agile testing interview in ages and need a review, this article will give you an idea of types of questions asked during the interview. There is a huge demand for agile project managers and will continue to increase. You will have to cope with fierce competition for your dream agile job. Following are some of the most commonly asked Agile interview questions:


Q1. Explain Agile Testing?


Ans. A type of software testing practice which involves the principles of agile software development. It enables better transparent communication with the consumers resulting into bug-free product release.


Q2. Name the most important components of agile?



  • Test driven development, pair programming, continuous deployment, etc.
  • Class responsibilities and collaborators cards
  • Daily stand-up meetings


Q3. What is the difference between agile and traditional project development?


Ans. Agile enables iterative approaches to project implementation, whereas traditional project development involves distinct project life cycle phases.


Q4. Do you have a certification in Agile Testing?


Ans. Don’t worry if you don’t have Agile Master Certification and the interviewer asks you this question!

Let she/he knows whether you are planning to take up anytime in the future to gain the skills for the role you are applying or not.


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Q5. What are the advantages of an agile model?


Ans. The advantages are as follows:

  • Working software to be delivered in weeks rather than months
  • Fixation of the bugs in the middle of the project
  • An iterative approach to software design
  • Daily cooperation between individuals and developers
  • A continuous delivery of useful software



Q6. What are the roles in agile?


Ans. Agile prescribes 4 roles – Team owner, product owner, stakeholder and team lead.


Q7. What is velocity?


Ans. It is a simple method to measure the rate at which scrum development groups constantly deliver business value.


Q8. Do you know some agile frameworks?


Ans. Some of the most popular agile frameworks are Scrum, Test driven development, feature driven development and Kanban.


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Q9. What is an ideal sprint length?


Ans. It varies from 1 to 4 weeks with a 2 week long sprint which is the most extensively used.


Q10. What is burn-down chart?


Ans. A chart that demonstrates how quickly you and your teammates are burning quickly through your customer’s user stories is known as burn-down chart.


Q11. What qualities should an agile tester have?



  • Must know the requirements quickly
  • Must possess good communication skills to have in depth discussiona with business associates
  • Must have the right set of tools to be used to help the testing
  • Must know to xecute test on constant basis


Q12. Name some project management tools used in agile?


Ans. Version one, Icescrum, Xplanner, Rally software, Agilefant and Agilo are project management tools used in agile.


Q13. Explain agile manifesto?


Ans. It defines four main points:

  • People and interaction over tools
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over a plan
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation


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Q14. Which testing is done during agile?


Ans. Explanatory testing is done during agile.


Q15. What are the main agile quality strategies?


  • Small feedback cycles
  • Re-factoring
  • Dynamic code analysis
  • Iteration

Hope these questions will help you in preparing for your agile interview. It’s just a little homework which will increase your chances of selection. Happy Job Hunting!!


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