During the Coronavirus outbreak, almost every company is worried about its barren sales pipelines. Mid and small scale businesses are overwhelmed with the thought of going out of business, and sales professionals are concerned about their jobs.  

However, today leaders are trying all possible ways to keep their employees motivated using the below proposition:

“This won’t be easy, but there’s hope ahead”

Also, as per a report by McKinsey & Company, India is optimistic that the economy will quickly rebound. 

Covid Economic Report

So when the economy recovers, sales will see a positive impact, and you will get busy in capturing early demands. 

But a time like this will possibly not come back, where you have the opportunity to hone your skills due to day-to-day workload.

Thus, you must invest this time wisely and use it for upskilling yourself. 

To make you ready for the next normal, we have outlined a list of some of the best skill-based courses that you can take up today and learn or improve your overall sales career. 

Skill Set 1 – Analytical Skills

As a sales manager, you need to have an analytical mindset. From interpreting large swathes of data to analyzing market sentiments, the role of a sales manager is driven by quantifiable statistics. Thus, to have a promising long-term career in sales, you must learn and enhance analytical competencies. 

Consider Taking Below Courses For Upgrading Analytical Skills:

1. Marketing Analytics by the University of Virginia at Coursera

2. Customer Analytics by University of Pennsylvania at Coursera

3. Marketing Analytics: Stand Out by Becoming an Analytics Pro! By Udemy

4. People Analytics by University of Pennsylvania at Coursera

5. Excel Skills for Business Specialization by MACQUARIE University at Coursera

6. Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Specialization at Coursera

7. Applied Analytics (business application – non-mathematical) by Udemy

8. Certified Strategic Sales Professional by GetcertGo

9. Mindware: Critical Thinking for the Information Age by University of Michigan at Coursera

10. Sales Analysis for Management Consultants by Udemy

11. Effective Sales at Coursera

Skill Set 2 – Communication Skills

If you look at the seven-step sales process (Prospecting, Preparation, Planning approach, Presentation, Negotiations, Sales closure, and Follow-up), on almost every step, having excellent communication skills is a must. 

From approaching clients to taking repeat follow-ups and from handling objections to closing the sales, if you are not good at listening, speaking, writing, and/or presenting, you won’t be a performer! Thus, to help you groom your communication skills, we have collated a list of promising courses for you.

Consider Taking Below Courses For Upgrading Communication Skills:

12. Improving Communication Skills Offered By the University of Pennsylvania at Coursera

13. Storytelling in the Workplace by edX

14. Communication Skills: Become More Clear, Concise, & Confident by Skill Share

15. Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication by Future Learn

16. Essential Selling Skills by Skill Soft 

17. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills by edX

Skill Set 3- Customer Relationship Skills

The role of a sales manager doesn’t simply end on sales closure, and if you follow this practice, you are losing out! Every sales professional should ensure that they maintain a good relationship with their customers, listen to them, and resolve their complaints. It will not only mushroom them as repeat buyers but will also help in brand recall. For those who are at the mid-level and leadership roles, grooming CRM skills will give you various data-driven insights. 

Consider Taking Below Courses For Upgrading Customer Relationship Skills:

18. Relationship Management by RICE University at Coursera 

19. Customer Relationship Management by IIMB at edX 

20. Customer Relationship Management in Business Services by Alison 

21. Connecting with Sales Prospects by Northwestern University at Coursera

22. Sales Training: Inbound Business Strategy by Hubspot at Coursera

Skill Set 4- Sales Presentation Skills

Most of the sales leaders know what they need to speak in their sales meets, client presentations, and events. But what most of them don’t know is ‘how to make every presentation effective and appealing. Indeed, having excellent presentation skills is as vital as having detailed product knowledge. Giving persuasive presentations, syncing body language, and at the same talking sense to your audience requires practice and efforts, thus below courses can help. 

Consider Taking Below Courses For Upgrading Presentation Skills:

23. The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course by Udemy

24. Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen the University of California, Irvine at Coursera

25. Lesson | Video Conferencing: Face to Face but Online by Georgia Institute of Technology at Coursera

26. Effective Business Presentations with Powerpoint by PwC at Coursera

Skill Set 5 – Time Management and Collaboration Skills 

As you grow in your career, it’s not only about your individual action but also how you manage your time and collaborate with others. To align your actions with the common goal, you must be proficient in time management, collaboration, and teamwork skills. Below courses can make you an efficient team-player. As a bonus, we’ve added a course to give you a booster in the form of design thinking perspective:

Consider Taking Below Courses For Upgrading Time Management and Collaboration Skills:

27. High-Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation by Coursera

28. Teamwork & Collaboration by edX

29. Productivity Masterclass: Create a Custom System that Works by SkillShare

30. Design Thinking Fundamentals by edX

All the best!