Top 20 Data Analytics Interview Questions & Answers

A career in data analytics can make you an in-demand professional in one of the high-paying industries. If you are looking to crack an interview in data analytics, you can read this article to understand what type of questions are frequently asked. Data Analytics is the process of extracting and examining data to come to a conclusion by identifying and analysing behavioural patterns. As we live in an information-driven age, data plays an integral role in the functioning of any organisation. Thus, organisations look to hire skilled data... Read More

Top 25 MIS Executive Interview Questions & Answers

Are you preparing to appear for an MIS Executive interview? This article will make you cognisant of the popular questions asked in any MIS interview and the answers provided here will help you to prepare accordingly. It covers a variety of questions as per the skills required to become an MIS Executive. An MIS (Management Information System) is a hardware and software system which is used to collect, process, store and disseminate data or information to support the management. An MIS Executive is a professional who is responsible for... Read More

Top SAP Security Interview Questions & Answers

Interviews are always difficult and this is why it needs a good amount of preparation, knowing ahead the type of questions that might be asked. If you are preparing for an SAP security interview, this article will help you and give an idea of the most-commonly asked questions. Read on to know more about what type of questions can be asked in an SAP security interview. SAP systems are loaded with critical information and sensitive data of financials, customers and employees of an organisation. Therefore, it is necessary for an SAP... Read More

What Is MapReduce And What Are The Benefits Of A Certification?

Big data has garnered immense interest among many organisations across industries who are looking to get the most out of the information they have. A sub-project of Hadoop, MapReduce is one of the important big data processing tools and have increased in popularity in the recent years. If you want to know more about MapReduce and what are its advantages, read on…   What is MapReduce?   MapReduce in simple terms can be explained as a programming model that allows the scalability of multiple servers in a Hadoop cluster.... Read More

How To Switch From Software Engineer To Business Analyst?

Have you come reached a crossroad in your career life where you feel that you need to do something else or take up a different professional journey? We all have those moments in our life. Some of us get the opportunity or the right guidance to do so, while others fail miserably. If you are one such person who is looking to switch from a software developer to a business analyst profile, this article will act as the perfect guide for you. Moving to a business analyst profile from a software developer is not a walk in the park. However,... Read More

How To Become a Business Analyst? – A Detailed Guide

Business analysts are core members of any organisation nowadays. They have dynamic roles as per the organisation and if you are looking to start a career in business analysis, this article will act as a helping guide. Read on to know more about the business analyst profile and how you can become one.   What is business analysis?   Business analysis is a practice or a research discipline through which organisations can identify solutions to their business problems or enable a required change in the business processes,... Read More

Top General Management Interview Questions & Answers

Are you looking to move into a general management position? This position requires high-level leadership qualities and a good understanding of how to run a business, organisation, institution, establishment or even sports teams, as per the job. If you are appearing for a general management interview, you need to be highly confident and be on the top of your abilities. This article will help you to gain valuable insights on some of the common interview questions.   What is General Management?   Before moving to the... Read More

What Is IFRS And Why Should You Get A Certification?

When it comes to financial reporting, there should be a standard process and way of representing it. This is why IFRS is an important concept making the accounts of any organisation understandable across international boundaries. If you want to know more about IFRS and the advantages of getting a certification in IFRS, read on.   What is IFRS?   IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is a set of international accounting standards which has been established by the IFRS Foundation and International Accounting... Read More

Top 25 Cisco Interview Questions and Answers

Hundreds of candidates face Cisco interview questions every year. The skill set required is tested through individual interviews for experienced candidates and mass campus recruitment drives for freshers. Meritorious candidates or those with good academic track records and strong analytical skills, ace the Cisco interview. In order to qualify, you should have strong fundamentals in networking concepts, which you can acquire with the help of a CCNA certification course. Your expertise in algorithms, data structures, programming languages... Read More

What Is CCNA And Why Should You Get A Certification?

CCNA has always been a prominent name in networking and if you are looking to get a certification in CCNA, you have come to the right place. It has always been considered the industry gold standard of certification for anyone who wants to start a career in networking. After acquiring the CCNA certification, you can go for higher levels of certification like the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional). This article will cover all the areas of certification in CCNA and how you could get... Read More