Career Spotlight – Executive Program in Sales & Marketing (EPSM)

Marketing & Sales are the essential components of product or services based organizations, which help to not only understand the products and services required by the consumers but also persuade the consumers to buy them. The current scenario where companies compete is conditioned by a complex market in which multiple factors interact. The constant need to improve marketing & sales management strategies requires companies to be able to face highly competitive and globalized environments. To keep up with this challenge, marketing... Read More

Career Spotlight – Executive Programme in Leadership and Manag...

As per the data of Global Leadership Forecast, only about 14% of CEOs are confident about the fact that they have the right leadership talent who can execute their strategies. Also, the research highlighted the fact that most of the companies even after spending around $50 billion annually on leadership development don’t have the desired strength of meeting their business goals. Thus, all these CEOs and business heads are looking for an integrated leadership strategy. The below graph highlights how businesses are ready for the... Read More

CFA Exam Dates Deferred From June to December – The Corona Pan...

COVID-19 is provoking destruction throughout the world and so it has done to the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) candidates who were planning to take up the exam in June 2020. As per the latest updates from the CFA Institute - a body that regulates the exam, June’s CFA exam will now be rescheduled in December. The notification about rescheduled dates is expected by May 8, 2020, and the institute has cleared that it will not offer any refunds. The President and CEO of the CFA Institute, Margaret Franklin said: “As the pandemic... Read More

Career Spotlight – Executive Program in Human Resource Management ...

Every business, be it small or a large-scale, needs experts to handle the employee-related activities and help the business in devising growth strategies. The traditional approach to human resources, which included just the administrative functions, is now the thing of the past and it has now been replaced by a future-oriented strategic approach, which is human resource management (HRM). HRM is not just about hiring & firing employees, and work only in appraisal cycles, but is an umbrella that covers tasks related to recruitment,... Read More

Top Java Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Java is a set of multiple computer software and specifications. It is used for application software development and also works for the cross-platform environment. Java developers can run all codes in any platform without the need for recollection with the help of Write-Once-Run-Anywhere (WORA). Java is one of the most preferred platforms for developing a variety of applications for smartphones and other devices. It is also used for creating corporate-specific tooling. Java developers perform multiple tasks throughout the development... Read More

Top SAS Interview Questions and Answers

Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) is an integrated software suite used for data analytics, business intelligence, predictive analytics, and data management. It is developed by the SAS Institute and provides a graphical point-and-click user interface for new users. With SAS, you can perform these tasks: It will access data in any format, i.e., SAS tables, database files, and MS Excel tables. It will manage the existing data to provide the data that you need. It will interpret the existing data using statistical techniques... Read More

Top Swift Interview Questions and Answers

Swift is an interactive programming language used to develop applications for mobile and desktop. This language works on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It was developed by Apple Inc. in June 2014. Swift supports various operating systems such as Linux, Free BSD, Darwin, and more. It provides multiple functionalities - it is fast, safe, and easy to use for the developer. It is designed to work on the Cocoa framework and Objective-C library in the Apple products. Q1. What are the features of Swift programming? Ans. Following are the... Read More

Informatica Scenario-Based Interview Questions & Answers

In our previous blog section, we presented you with a list of frequently asked Informatica interview questions, which you must prepare for the Informatica interview round. Now here we are one step ahead with a list of top Informatica scenario-based interview questions, which most of the recruiters ask during the Informatica interview sessions. Now that you are just one step away to land a job in your dream job, you must prepare well for all the probable interview questions, as every interview round is different, especially when... Read More

Data Warehouse Interview Questions and Answers

The data warehouse is a process involving data collection and data management to present significant business acumens to businesses. Being the core of Business Intelligence (BI), data warehouse analyst is one of the most sought after careers in 2020. Thus, this guide covers frequently asked data warehouse interview questions along with answers. Today, the data warehouse is an essential practice for almost every industry, including verticals like healthcare, IT, automation, retail, logistics, and government agencies. This exclusive... Read More

How to Get Set Go for RBI Grade B Exam in 2020

Working for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the most conceived dream of Indians, and to crack the RBI exam, candidates prepare for months. One such exam is the RBI Grade B exam, which is an open-competitive examination conducted by RBI. This article will uncover all the details of RBI Officers Grade B entrance exam, including the exam dates, eligibility, exam pattern, exam syllabus, along with some preparation tips and FAQs. RBI Grade B Exam Pattern RBI Grade B exam is conducted in three stages: RBI Grade B... Read More