Difference Between Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning have moved way beyond the boundary of buzzword terminology and are now common terms in the technology industry. Business is all about competition and if organisations need to stay ahead of it, new technologies have to be adopted. This is the reason you will find companies welcoming technologies like big data analytics and machine learning into their business functioning. Both machine learning and big data analytics come under the umbrella of data science. Though they have a connection, there are... Read More

Hadoop Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Hadoop Online

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What is Big Data Analytics? Why you should get a Certification?

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Difference Between Spark and Hadoop

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How Should Data Scientists Evolve with the Rise of AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the talk of the technology town, with everyone becoming excited over it lately. Though AI is still in the exploratory mode, there have been various areas where it has established itself as a vital component and has brought revolutionary changes in some industries. The best example is that of ‘automation’ in the IT industry, which some say is the cause of massive layoffs seen in various organisations. In order to achieve better profitability and revenue growth, some of the prominent IT companies in... Read More

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What is Splunk? Certification & Eligibility

A software platform to analyze, search and visualize the machine-generated data collected from sensors, devices, sites and applications, Splunk stands apart from the crowd. Splunk training programs emphasize on large enterprise deployments. A number of companies all over the globe use splunk to examine their shun service outages, transactions, end-to-end infrastructures and main business metrics. Candidates will be able to know the best practices and steps for sizing, preparing and data collecting.   This article will... Read More

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