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Apache Kafka for Beginners - Learn Kafka by Hands-On

Apache Kafka for Beginners - Learn Kafka by Hands-On


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Mode of learning: Online self study

Course Overview

Who should do this course ?
  • Any one who is willing to learn about Kafka.

What are the course deliverables ?
  • Understand all the Kafka concepts and Kafka core internals.

  • Create Topics, Post data in to topic and Read from Topic using different technologies.

  • Build a complete working app with Kafka producer and consumer using Java, Apache Camel, Spring Boot and Docker.

  • Learn to develop Kafka Clients using Apache Spark

  • Learn to code Kafka Producer and Consumers using Apache Camel.

  • Learn to run Dockerized Kafka Broker, Zookeeper and Dockerized Spring Boot App

  • Implementation of Kafka security using SSL in Java.

  • Download , Install and Usage of Kafka Client GUI Tool.

  • By the end of the course you will have a complete understanding of Apache Kafka and hands on experience on how to implement these principles.

More about this course
  • Description: Learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Apache Kafka in this course. There will be a hands on for each concept using inbuilt shell scripts that are available inside the Kafka download and using Java, Camel,Spark Spring Boot and Docker . This course will walk you through the concepts step by step and immediate hands on for each topic discussed. This course will help increase your technical expertise in Kafka. This course will be an eyeopener for people think Kafka is a complex system, eventually you will understand how simple Kafka is. This course can be a career breakthrough and assure you that you will find yourself in a better place after you complete this course. This course will transfer your from novice Kafka user to a experienced Kafka user. Why I should take this course ? This course will walk you through the Kafka architecture, different components of the Kafka architecture and advantages of Kafka over other systems. This course will focus on the internals of the Kafka and how to use Kafka and implement the concepts that are learnt in real time. This course will teach you how to implement the concepts using Java, Camel, Spark, Spring Boot and Docker. Course Overview: Section 1: Getting Started This section explains about the author and the course objectives. Section 2: Kafka Architecture This section explains about the following: Why do you need Kafka ? What is Kafka ? Kafka Architecture and the different components in the Kafka architecture. Role of zookeeper, Kafka Broker, Kafka Cluster, Producers and Consumers. Section 3: Download Kafka This sections explored about the different approaches of downloading the Kafka distribution in your local. Section 4: Core Internals of Apache Kafka + Hands on This section shows you the demo on how to start zookeeper and Kafka broker. Detailed explanation about Topics, Partitions, Consumers and Producers. Hands on creating topic and how to connect producer and consumers to the created topic using Console Producer and Consumer . Hands on about Kafka commit log. Section 5 : Kafka API's This section explains about the different Core API's and its use cases. Section 6 : Behind the scenes zookeeper, Broker , Producer and Consumers This section explains about what are the different Kafka components that interact with each to create a topic using a flow diagram . This sections also covers how producers and consumers connect to the Kafka and what are the different components that interact with each other behind the scenes. Section 7 : Running Multiple Brokers Hands on how to run multiple brokers in your machine. How does the consumer and producer while running it against the multiple brokers. Hands on Leader, Replica and ISR attributes in a Topic. Section 8 : Kafka Producers Detailed explanation about Kafka Producer and how to connect to the Kafka Cluster. How to implement the Kafka producer using Java? Exploring different partitioning mechanism and implementation in Java. How to alter the configuration of a topic ? Section 9 : Kafka Consumer Detailed explanation about Kafka Consumer. How to implement the Kafka Consumer using Java? Different types of Offset Management in Kafka Consumer. Automatic Offset Management using Java. Manual Offset Management using Java. Consumer Groups in Kafka consumer and its Advantages. Consumer Group id and its benefits. Implementation of consumer group in Java. How to reset the offset to a particular value in Kafka Consumer ? Section 10: Kafka Client - GUI Tool In this section we will download, install and demo about the Kafka GUI client tool that will be used to connect and Manage the Kafka cluster. Section 11: Apache Camel + Kafka Integrationa Quick Introduction to Apache Camel Apache Camel simple example Apache Camel Architecture Hands on - How to Build a Kafka consumer using Apache Camel Framework ? Hands on - How to Build a Kafka producer using Apache Camel Framework ? Section 12: Apache Spark + Kafka Integrationa Quick Introduction to Apache Spark Hands on - How to Build a Kafka consumer using Apache Spark Framework ? Section 12: Additional Configurations How to delete a topic ? Section 13: Apache Kafka -Spring Boot Implementation This section explains about the Spring boot Implementation of Apache Kafka modules Quick Introduction to Spring Quick Introduction to Spring boot Simple Spring Boot App via hands on Kafka Consumer using Spring Boot Kafka Producer using Spring Boot Section 14: Docker - Dockerize Kafka Broker, Zookeeper, Producer and Consumer In this section we will run the dockerized version of kafka broker, zookeeper and we will create the docker image of the Spring boot App. Quick Introduction to Docker. Installation of Docker Tool Box on Windows 10. Installation of Docker Tool Box on Mac. Creating a docker image of the spring boot App Creating an Account in Docker Hub and push/pull from Docker Hub. Exploring Different Docker commands. How to run Kafka Broker/Zookeeper in Docker ? Complete Integration and working app of Dockerized Kafka Broker, Zookeeper and dockerized Spring boot app. Section 15: Apache Kafka Security and Authentication In this section we will explore about the Kafka security Why do you need Kafka security ? Hands on session on how to enable SSL in Kafka Broker ? Hands on session on how to access the SSL secured broker using Console Consumer/Producer ? Hands on session on how to configure SSL in Kafka Producer using Java ? Hands on Session on how to configure SSL in Kafka Consumer using Java ? How to delete a topic ? Section 16: Conclusion Congratulations and Thank You ! By the end of this you will have a complete understanding of how Apache Kafka works and how to implement the concepts in real time using Java, Apache Camel, Apache Spark , Spring Boot and Docker.


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How can I take this course?
This course is delivered by an instructor through online videos and other documents only. You will be redirected to our partner site for making the payment and then accessing this course. You do not have to go to any classroom in any place for taking this course. You need an internet connection and a computer/laptop/mobile/tablet only.
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On completing the course, you will get a course completion certificate from Udemy.
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