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What are Analytical & Statistical Tools?

In this age of information, organisations want expert professionals who can analyse, interpret and provide insightful information based on the data they have. These professionals are usually proficient with many of the Analytical & Statistical Tools that are available. Most of the professionals who are skilled in these tools are in high demand and get the most attractive packages across all industries.

In the area of analytics and statistics, the career of a professional usually starts with Data Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Research Associate or Business Analyst and with experience or the help of a certification, one can become Data Scientist, Senior Statistical Analyst, Project Manager, Big Data Developer or Senior Business Analyst.

Naukri Learning offers a plethora of online certification courses in the prominent analytical and statistical tools in the industry. Some of the common courses that you can take are SAS, Data Mining, R, SAP BI, , {{%a:{href:>Qlikview and Machine Learning.

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Why should you get a certification in one of the Analytical & Statistical Tools?

A certification is like a step-up in your career and will establish your journey as an experienced analytical or statistical professional. Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.

Outlined below are the reasons to help you understand the advantages of a certification in one of the analytical and statistical tools:

• Enhance your current profile and resume with a certification
• Improve your career with a better salary, job opportunities or a promotion
• Your skills will be globally accepted and stand out as a certified professional
• Learn the advanced analytical and statistical techniques and have hands-on experience in one of the commonly used tools in the industry
• Get hands-on experience on statistical and data science tools to find meaningful patterns in data that can help any business
Benefits of Analytical & Statistical Tools
• Analytical and statistical tools can help analysts and business intelligence professionals to provide better data analytics and visualisations to the top business executives.
• With the help of the analytical and statistical tools, organisations can process data faster and improve their business processes.
• Organisations do not have to just rely on the gut instincts of the top executives to take decisions and measured steps can be taken backed by reliable data.

What are the skills or tools associated with data analysis and statistical analysis?

• Fundamental statistical and quantitative analytical knowledge.
• Experience in machine learning and data mining.
• Experience in any programming language like SAS, R, Python, Java or Scala.
• Knowledge of database management systems and querying language like SQL or NoSQL.
• Understanding of Big Data and Hadoop.
• Good data visualisation skills using tools like Tableau, QlikView and Power BI.

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Who should do?

• Finance/Commerce/MBA/Engineering graduates
• Junior Business Analysts/Business Analysts
• Data Analysts/Statistical Analysts/Research Associate
• Software Engineers/IT Analysts

Career Outcomes

If you are certified in some of the commonly-used statistical and analytical tools, you can propel your career to one of the following profiles:
Data Scientist/Big Data Developer
• Senior Business Analyst
Project Manager
• Senior Statistical Analyst
• Head of Analytics

Career Outcomes

  • If you are certified in some of the commonly-used statistical and analytical tools, you can propel your career to one of the following profiles:

    • Data Scientist/Big Data Engineer
    • Senior Business Analyst
    • Project Manager
    • Senior Statistical Analyst
    • Head of Analytics
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  1. Certificate in Statistics and Probability

    Statistics and Probability are the basic foundations which support analysis and research in various aspects of business. The certification focuses on various techniques and concepts of statistics and probability so that the candidate can take up the real world challenges.

    213 Students
    100 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 166 Enquire Now

    Marketing Research

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Brochure Course Selling Partner
  2. Certification in R Programming (CIRP) Online self study

    The Certification in R Programming (CIRP) is a comprehensive, short-term program that provides aspirants with a thorough understanding of R for careers in Data Analytics, delivered using self-paced learning elements via an online learning platform.

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  3. Certified SAS Base Programmer

    A beginner level course for SAS experts, Certified SAS Base Programmer is intended to allow you to begin your analytics career and be ready to prepare for the training. The course lets you scout the tool and a variety of techniques to aid, create data structures and handle errors. After completion of course, you will be able to resolve programming, syntax and data errors.

    1926 Students
    10 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 120 Enquire Now

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  4. Vskills Certified Data Mining and Warehousing Professional Government Certification

    This government affiliated certification evaluates the candidate for an organization data mining and warehousing needs. This courses focus on various areas like designing, on Line Analytical Processing, covering data mining, planning and implementing. This course aids candidates in distinguishing today’s market, increasing opportunities by showing superb skills and result in higher earning potential. This is in demand by Integration services organizations and sectors like Telecom, Banks, IT, etc. for management and analysis.

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121 Enquire Now

    Telecom, Machine Learning, Project Management, Operations

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