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  1. Cognixia PMP Training Course

    The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most sought-after industry-recognized certification for project managers. PMP Certification allows project managers to work virtually across various industries, anywhere in the world. | The training course is developed by active practitioners and experts, and then reviewed by the project management community before it is released, to assure it always reflects the current state of the profession. Organizations are now focused on developing leadership, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills alongside traditional IT and technical skills. We provide the latest training catered to the industry requirement of professionals having the right skills, via our globally-recognized certification.

    Online ClassroomIntermediate
    $ 137

    PMP, project management, Negotiation, Leadership, Portfolio Management

    Offered by:  Cognixia
  2. Vskills Certified Portfolio Analyst Government Certification

    Portfolio Managers are responsible for making investment decisions for their clients or managing a financial institution’s asset. It is one of the most coveted careers in the financial industry and offers a good career growth.| This Vskills Certified Portfolio Manager course has been designed by experts in the industry and outlines the responsibilities of a portfolio manager | The course offers comprehensive learning materials that provides the skills that will help the candidates to maximise the returns as a portfolio manager | It covers various areas like taking decisions on a wide range of financial assets, capital market theory, analysis and other related areas | A government certification is awarded upon successful completion of the course

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121

    Portfolio Management

    Offered by:  VSkills
  3. Certified Quality Expert

    Quality Expert professionals are responsible for evaluating and controlling the quality of the processes associated with any products or services. This Certified Quality Expert course is a combo of Six Sigma Black Belt certification and Six Sigma Green Belt certification trainings. It will help the candidates to have the requisite skills and knowledge to perform the activities associated with a quality expert. The first part, Six Sigma Green Belt course, will help learners to gain the understanding of the methodology, techniques and tools related to it | The second part, Six Sigma Black Belt course, will impart advanced Six Sigma skills to the candidates | With best-in-the-industry online content, this course has been designed by experts to help candidates be job ready

    93 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 560

    Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, , project management, Leadership

    Offered by:  Skillsoft
  4. UPES CCE - Certificate program in Project Management

    The program is aligned to PMBOK 6th Edition and beyond, it gives students an opportunity to learn about project management issues and skills within a business context. The students get an opportunity to learn about project planning, management, and financial control, project procurement and solicitation, assessing and mitigating risk, and advanced project management skills. The curriculum is designed in accordance to standards set by the leading industry platforms and bodies. Adding a project management certification to your list of credentials is a great way to benchmark your skills for potential employers and show that you have the know-how to plan, schedule, budget, execute, deliver and report on various initiatives. Employers are seeking specific skills to deliver what the businesses need to compete and 40% of them will hire Project Managers in the next 12 months to keep pace with the increasing projects.

    Online ClassroomIntermediate
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    project management, PMP,

    Offered by:  UPES CCE
  5. 20533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

    This course has been constructed for the IT professionals who intend to enhance their know-how about Microsoft Azure. This training focuses on the components of Azure architecture, including the tools, infrastructure and portals. The primary highlights, of course, include creating Azure virtual machines, configure and deploy the storage solutions, data services based on SEL databases and websites.

    20000 Students
    $ 784 Enquire Now

    Operations, Virtual Machine

    Offered by:  Koeing Solutions
  6. Retail Management Diploma

    The Retail Management Diploma course teaches you everything you need to know to become an efficient retail manager. Through this course, you’ll explore the roles and responsibilities of a retail manager, including supervising distribution, selling products directly to consumers and operating everyday operations within a retail store or department.You’ll also learn to promote merchandise, organise employees, handle customer service and supervise records and accounts. This excellent course is suitable for anyone considering a management position in the retail sector.

    Online self studyPreparatory
    ₹ 39,316 Enquire Now

    Retail management, Retail, Operations, Safety, , Sales

    Offered by:  One Education
  7. The Complete Android & Java Developer Course - Build 21 Apps

    PLEASE READ BEFORE ENROLLING: 1.) THERE IS AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS COURSE: "THE COMPREHENSIVE 2019 ANDROID DEVELOPMENT MASTERCLASS" CLICK ON MY PROFILE TO FIND IT. (PLEASE WATCH THE FIRST PROMO VIDEO ON THIS PAGE FOR MORE INFO) * *Over 60,000 Happy and Satisfied Students and counting * Android App Development will open many doors for you, especially if you are looking to becoming a full-fledged app developer. If you're Looking to boost your income as an Android Developer ? Maybe you have a lot of app ideas but don't know where to start? Or you are seeking a career in Android Development and Java Programming that will finally give you freedom and flexibility you have been looking for? Build a strong foundation in Android Development, Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming with this tutorial and complete course. Build Android apps from scratch using Android Studio and Java Programming Language Upload your apps to Google Play and reach Millions of Android users Content and Overview This course will take you from knowing nothing about Android development to a complete Android developer in 5 weeks. You will learn the following: Android Studio and build User Interface (Set up and walkthrough) Fundamentals of Java Programming used to build Android apps Inputs, Buttons and Reactive (Tap) Interfaces Android Building blocks Variables, Arrays, Loops, ArrayLists, ListView Navigate between screens Passing information between screens Learn how professional android apps developers think and work Learn how to design android apps Build several amazing apps - Hands on Publish your apps on Google Play Build Sound Box app And Learn much more by Building 21 Real World Apps ... WHY ANDROID? Android is known to be one of the most versatile and most used operating systems. We are in the age where every other person uses a handheld device or a cell phone which makes use of Android. If one goes deep into the world of android, we would see that there is a scope and a lot of potential in the world of android for individuals who are tech geeks (like us)! As vast this world this, learning about it as simple and as easy as a piece of cake. You can make your own app easily and show your true potential to the world of google and android. Here are some numbers to get you in the mood! DID YOU KNOW? Android is the primary operating system for over 90 tablets, for 6 E-Readers and 300 smartphones. There are over 1,460,800 apps in Google Play store &they‚ re growing at an astounding pace! Every day about 1.5 million Android devices are activated all around the world. About 60% of the apps available at the Google play store are absolutely free! Why learn android development? Learning android development is both fun and can reap you many profits in the long run. It is said that by the year 2018, there will be about 4 billion android users, hence doubling the current market. It is safe to say that android development has a potential and can reap you various benefits in the long run. If one knows android development, not only will you be having a stable and sound career but can unleash you hidden talents as a developer. if you take this course (which you should!!) know that you are on your way to building a solid and stable foundation for Android Development, Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming. You don‚ need to spend years learning, with us you can learn in 5 weeks!!!! YES! That is right, in five weeks you‚ ll be able to make and develop your own app and you never know, you could have it running at the app store and be an instant hit! The course is structured in such way to improve your knowledge retention - by having a lot of hands-on projects. In each section of the course, you will be given the opportunity to practice and build something meaningful which will aid your understanding of Android Development even further. There are quizzes and challenges as well. BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! If you are not an experienced developer, don't worry. This course was designed with beginners in mind - you don't have to have any prior experience at all! All you need is an open mind and willing to work What do I learn from this course? You will be able to learn android app development and Java programming in just 5 weeks. You can create engaging and real-world Android apps (which you can later show off to your family and friends). You will be learning the course by building 21 apps that include big buzz word apps such as the popular Whatsapp clone, calculator, YouTube video player, a mood setter application. This course is offered via visual training that engages students and has a better chance of retention. You will have a personal trainer at your desk at all times that will guide you. We aren‚ finished! You can learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases Upload your android apps to the Google play and reach millions of android users and EARN MONEY by monetizing your applications and allowing advertisements to run on them! Why Take This Course? We are passionate about android, we breathe, live Android! We have been in the industry for more than a decade and along with our knowledge, we can teach you with hands on experience. We have a decade of experience in our bags of solid programming experience along with five years of application development experience. Our experience can be measured by us having over fifty applications and games (developed by us) on not only the Android Google Play but also on the Apple App Store. You‚ ll be taught by people who have more than 5 years of training and teaching experience, are Registered Android Developers on Google Play and manage a large community that consists of more than 10,000 Developers. We are dedicated teachers and want to spread the joy of programming and building apps. Our joy of programming shows throughout the entire course, and it's our hope that you find programming joyful and valuable. Don't just take our word for it, see what my past students had to say about the course: " I liked the course and the professor, I'm taking another course with him because he's very good in my opinion, starts from beginner to advanced, very organized classes. A lot of examples in the course, and he was updating the course often too. Money well spent." - Kevin " Great course. very easy in understanding and friendly learning. Good Job Sir. Thanks for this." - Muhammad " Well, in my opinion this is a great course since i knew nothing about java and by now im able to write my own apps pretty easily." - Michael "Great course! I learned lots from the numerous examples. I now have the confidence to build my own apps and to explore different areas of Android programming. Great Course!!!! Thanks Paulo!!!!!" - Ian " I am very satisfied with this course. I have only attended the Android part because I had a basic knowledge on Java. I really like how Paulo teaches. He goes step by step and you can understand everything. My first language is not english, but he speaks very clearly, I can understand every word. Also, he is a happy guy, and you can hear that through the courses that he really loves what he is doing." - Antal " Very well thought-out course. Flows smoothly with great delivery. I have been developing Android Apps for several years and I still found this course to be informative, relevant, and helpful. I would recommend everyone take this course if you are new to Android or returning for a refresher course." - Douglas So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the world's most highly rated Android Developer Course. Enroll now.

    Online self studyIntermediate
    ₹ 12,800 Enquire Now

    , Operations

    Offered by:  UDEMY
  8. Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (includes Spring Boot)

    SPRING BOOT SECTION NOW INCLUDES OVER 6.5 HOURS OF NEW VIDEOS (NOVEMBER 2019) #1 BEST SELLING SPRING-HIBERNATE COURSE ON UDEMY - OVER 31,000 REVIEWS - 5 STARS! --- THIS COURSE COVERS SPRING 5 LEARN these HOT TOPICS in Spring 5: Spring Framework 5 Spring Core Spring Annotations Spring Java Configuration (all Java, no xml) Spring AOP Spring MVC Hibernate CRUD JPA CRUD Spring Security Spring REST Maven SPRING BOOT Spring Boot Starters Spring Boot and Hibernate Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA Spring Boot and Spring Data REST Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and Spring MVC REAL-TIME PROJECTS Spring MVC and Hibernate CRUD real-time project Spring Security (with password encryption in the database) Spring REST (with full database CRUD real-time project) Spring Boot REST (with full database CRUD real-time project) Spring Boot with JPA and Spring Data JPA (with full database CRUD real-time project) Spring Boot with Spring Data REST (with full database CRUD real-time project) Spring Boot with Thymeleaf (with full database CRUD real-time project) --- [COURSE UPDATES]: November 2019: Added Spring Boot and Thymeleaf videos ... 12 videos, 2.5 hours of new content January 2019: Added Spring Boot videos ... 34 videos, 4 hours of new content October 2018: Added Spring Security Role-based Registration lecture June 2018: Added ADVANCED Spring REST videos ... 40 videos, 3 hours of new content May 2018: Added Spring REST videos ... 18 videos, 1.5 hours of new content March 2018: Added Spring Security User Registration Lecture February 2018: Added Spring Security JDBC videos ... 16 new videos, 1 hour of new content January 2018: Added more Spring Security videos ... 52 videos, 3.5 hours of new content December 2017: Updated course to SPRING 5, Tomcat 9 and Eclipse Oxygen November 2017: Added Spring Security videos ... 16 new videos, 1 hour of new content October 2017: New Advanced Hibernate videos ... 57 new videos, 4 hours of new content --- This course covers the LATEST VERSIONS of Spring 5 and Hibernate 5! The course also includes Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA Build a complete Spring MVC + Hibernate CRUD web app ... all from scratch! (real-time project) You will learn about: Spring Core, AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring REST, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST, Thymeleaf and Hibernate ... all connected to a MySQL database --- By the end of this course, you will create all of the source code for a complete Spring MVC - Hibernate CRUD real-time project. You will also develop Spring REST APIs for a full CRUD REST API real-time project. You will type in every line of code with me in the videos ... all from scratch. I explain every line of code that we create. So this isn't a copy/paste exercise, you will have a full understanding of the code. --- I am a RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR .... post your questions and I will RESPOND in 24 hours. --- Join 100,000+ students that are already enrolled! Over 31,000+ Reviews! (the most reviews for any Spring-Hibernate course on Udemy, more than DOUBLE the nearest competitor) --- Sample of the reviews: I worked in some company, so I can say that this course is 100% industry oriented. The best course for learning Spring Framework. Getting replies within 24 hours. - Premang Chad Darby has done a superb job organizing this course , and has made Spring Framework, MVC, AOP, Hibernate, Security easy to learn and use . I have a bs and ms in CS, have been developing software for 25 years, and have taken many courses over the years at the different companies I've been at and Chad is easily the best instructor I've had. He's extremely well-organized and knowledgeable, and lays out this course in a step-by-step approach to fully cover the material and make it easy to learn. I highly recommend this course, and Chad as an instructor. I'm adding to my review following Chad's recent updates to his course to cover Spring Boot, JPA, etc. After finishing the course originally, I found another Spring Boot class, and after working on this other class, I appreciate more what Chad has done here. He's made Spring Boot for CRUD applications with Thymeleaf very easy to follow and learn . I've taken half a dozen other software courses, and while other instructors might be good, Chad is the gold standard here. I can't recommend him highly enough. - Dave Zeltserman This is the best tutorial I've seen so far for Spring/Hibernate , each step is well explained and the tutorial videos are made to a high standard. I highly recommend this course! - Rob Hats off to you Chad, the best Spring fundamentals course I have done on Udemy thus far. You never disappoint. - Morebodi Modise Chad is an excellent natural teacher. His course is well organized . He makes difficult concepts very easy to understand . - Julie Hodgson --- Live Coding - I code all of the real-time projects from scratch All source code is available for download Responsive Instructor - All questions answered within 24 hours --- PDFs of all lectures are available for download Closed-Captions / Subtitles available for English and other languages (new!) Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews) --- This course includes mini-courses on Maven, Spring Security, Spring REST and Spring Boot. These mini-courses are designed to help you quickly get started with Maven, Spring Security, Spring REST and Spring Boot. Mini-Courses Maven mini-course includes 16 videos (1 hour of video) Spring Security mini-course includes 68 videos (5 hours of video) Spring REST mini-course includes 55 videos (4.5 hours of video) Spring Boot mini-course includes 39 videos (6.5 hours of video) This is all included in this existing course. :) --- What Is Spring? Spring is an enterprise Java framework. It was designed to simplify Java EE development and make developers more productive. Spring makes use of Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection to promote good software coding practices and speed up development time. This course covers Spring Core, Annotations, All Java Spring Configuration, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring REST, Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA. What Is Hibernate? Hibernate is an Object-to-Relational-Mapping (ORM) framework. It simplifies database access for Java applications. By using the framework, you can easily store and retrieve Java objects by setting up some simple configuration mappings. This course covers basic Hibernate CRUD. Also, advanced Hibernate mappings are covered for one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many. Benefits of Taking This Spring and Hibernate Course Knowing Spring and Hibernate can get you a job or improve the one you have . It's a skill that will put you more in demand in the enterprise Java industry, and make your software life easier, that's why it's so popular. Nearly every job posting asks for skills in Spring and Hibernate! This course will help you quickly get up to speed with Spring and Hibernate . I will demystify the technology and help you understand the essential concepts to build a real Spring and Hibernate application from scratch. You Will Learn How To Spring Core Build a complete Spring MVC and Hibernate CRUD Project ... all from scratch Set up your Spring and Hibernate development environment with Tomcat and Eclipse Wire beans together in the Spring container using Inversion of Control Configure the Spring container for Dependency Injection Define Spring Beans using the @Component annotation Perform auto-scanning of Spring beans to minimize configuration Automatically wire beans together using @Autowired annotation Apply all Java configuration to Spring Beans (no xml) . Spring MVC Set up your Spring MVC environment with configs and directories Create controllers using @Controller annotation Read HTML form data using @RequestParam Leverage Spring MVC model to transport data between controller and view page Define Request Mappings for GET and POST requests Minimize coding with Spring MVC Form data binding Apply Spring MVC form validation on user input Create custom Spring MVC form validation rules . Hibernate Perform object/relational mapping with Hibernate Leverage the Hibernate API to develop CRUD apps Develop queries using the Hibernate Query Language (HQL) Apply advanced Hibernate mappings: one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many Create a real-time project using Spring and Hibernate together in a Real-Time Project . Spring AOP Apply Aspect-Oriented-Programming AOP for cross-cutting concerns Examine AOP use-cases and how AOP can resolve code-tangling Create AOP pointcut expressions to match on method invocations Leverage AOP annotations: @Before, @After, @AfterReturning, @AfterThrowing, @Around Create a real-time project using AOP and Spring MVC together in a Real-Time Project . Spring Security Secure your web application with Spring Security Set up your Maven pom.xml file with compatible Spring Security dependencies Configure Spring Security with all Java configuration (no xml) Create custom Spring Security login pages with Bootstrap CSS Add logout support using default features of Spring Security Leverage Spring Security support for Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Define users and roles for authentication Display user login info and role using Spring Security tags Restrict access to URLs based on user role Hide and Display content based on user role Add JDBC authentication, store user accounts and passwords in the database Store encrypted passwords in the database using bcrypt Register new users and encrypt passwords using Java code Create a Spring Security Real-Time Project using authorization, authentication and database encryption . Spring REST Web Services - Spring REST APIs Overview of REST Web Services - REST APIs Investigating Spring REST support Sending JSON data over HTTP JSON Data Binding with the Jackson project Converting JSON data to Java POJO with Jackson Processing nested JSON objects and JSON arrays Developing a Spring REST API Setting up a Spring REST project with Maven Creating the Spring REST Controller using @RestController Running the Spring REST Controller with Eclipse and Tomcat Testing Spring REST Web Services with Postman Parameterize REST API endpoints using @PathVariable Add Spring REST exception handling with @ExceptionHandler Integrate global REST exception handling with @ControllerAdvice Leverage ResponseEntity for fine-grained control of Spring REST HTTP response Build REST API to execute CRUD actions on the Database with Hibernate Create a Real-Time Project using REST API with full database CRUD . Spring Boot What is Spring Boot? Creating a Project with Spring Boot Initializr Develop a REST API Controller with Spring Boot Explore the Spring Boot Project Structure Leverage Spring Boot Starters - A Curated List of Dependencies Inherit Defaults with Spring Boot Starter Parents Automatically Restart with Spring Boot Dev Tools Add DevOps functionality with Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints Secure Spring Boot Actuator Endpoints Run Spring Boot apps from the Command-Line Use the Spring Boot Maven Plugin to package and run Spring Boot apps Inject custom application properties into a Spring Boot REST Controller . Spring Boot REST API CRUD Develop a REST API Controller with Spring Boot with full CRUD support Configure Spring Boot Data Source for MySQL Database Create DAO implementations using JPA Entity Manager Apply Best Practices by integrating a Service Layer Expose REST API endpoints in Controller code (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE) Access the REST API using Postman Add support for Standard JPA API Learn the benefits of the JPA API in Spring Boot applications . Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA Minimize boilerplate code with Spring Data JPA and the JpaRepository Refactor existing REST API to integrate with Spring Data JPA Leverage new features of the the Java Optional pattern with JpaRepository Test the Spring Data JPA repository with Postman . Spring Boot and Spring Data REST Accelerate your development process with Spring Data REST Leverage Spring Data REST to eliminate custom code for controllers and service Automatically expose REST endpoints for your JPA Repositories Customize REST base path endpoints Apply pagination and sorting to REST API endpoints Configure default page sizes for REST APIs Investigate HATEOAS compliant REST responses Test Spring Data REST with Postman . Spring Boot and Thymeleaf Develop view templates with Thymeleaf in Spring Boot projects Compare the functionality of Thymeleaf to JSP Examine the auto-configuration of Thymeleaf in Spring Boot projects Create a Spring Boot project with Thymeleaf using the Spring Initializer website Develop a Spring MVC Controller and a Thymeleaf template Leverage Thymeleaf expressions to access data from the Spring MVC Model Apply CSS stylesheets to your Thymeleaf templates . Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and Database CRUD Develop a real-time project with Thymeleaf and Spring Boot with full database CRUD support Integrate the @Repository to execute CRUD actions on the Database with Spring Data JPA Apply best practices with the @Service layer design pattern Create a @Controller to handle web browser requests Develop Thymeleaf templates to render database results Beautify your Thymeleaf templates with Bootstrap CSS . Maven Simplify your build process with Maven Create Maven POM files and add dependencies Search Central Maven repository for Dependency Coordinates Run Maven builds from the Eclipse IDE Use Maven during the development of Real-Time Projects for Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring REST, Spring Boot and Hibernate. Compared to other Spring/Hibernate courses This course is fully up to date and covers the latest versions of Spring 5 and Hibernate 5 (fresh update September 2019) . The course also includes new content on Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST and Thymeleaf . Beware of other Udemy Spring/Hibernate courses. Most of them are outdated and use old versions of Spring and Hibernate. Don‚ waste your time or money on learning outdated technology. Also, I create all of the code from scratch in this course . Beware of other courses, those instructors simply copy/paste from their github repo or they use pre-written code. Their approach is not ideal for real-time learning. Take my course where I show you how to create all of the code from scratch . You can type the code along with me in the videos , which is the best way to learn . I am a very responsive instructor and I am available to answer your questions and help you work through any problems. Finally, all source code is provided with the course along with setup instructions. Student Reviews Prove This Course's Worth Those who have reviewed the course have pointed out that the instruction is clear and easy to follow , as well as thorough and highly informative. Many students had also taken other Spring and Hibernate courses in the past, only to find that this Spring and Hibernate course was their favorite . They enjoyed the structure of the content and the high quality audio/video . Sample of the Student Reviews: I worked in some company, so I can say that this course is 100% industry oriented. The best course for learning Spring Framework. Getting replies within 24 hours. - Premang Chad Darby has done a superb job organizing this course , and has made Spring Framework, MVC, AOP, Hibernate, Security easy to learn and use . I have a bs and ms in CS, have been developing software for 25 years, and have taken many courses over the years at the different companies I've been at and Chad is easily the best i

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    DevOps, , Languages

    Offered by:  UDEMY
  9. SAP Business Suite 7 for End Users

    In this course, you become familiar with the main components like Human Capital Management, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Financials, Product lifecycle Management and supplier Relationship management. You gain a basic knowledge of all the main components which you can use in your work. Each application is extremely configurable to support the daily and analytics requirements. The suite is a set of modular business applications that mix with one another by diverse functions in a company. This learning platform is aimed at helping participants obtain good source of knowledge

    10 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 145 Enquire Now

    Supply chain management, , Negotiation, ERP, Accounting, Sales, Production

    Offered by:  Skillsoft
  10. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate 2019

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is fast becoming the must have certificates for any IT professional working with AWS. Are you wondering how to prepare for AWS certification? Well, this course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Exam for 2019. This course explores some of the more advanced aspects of the AWS platform from an Administrator point of view and it is recommended that you do this course after completing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course or AWS Certified Developer Course, both of which are available on Udemy and cover the basics of AWS. Are you wondering how to get AWS Certification? In this course we will start with CloudWatch, the main monitoring solution offered by AWS. We'll explore different CloudWatch metrics and how to analyse these metrics. We'll then move on to High Availability and how we can build highly resilient and fault tolerant architectures in the cloud. We then explore deployment and provisioning, data management, OpsWorks, Security on AWS and Networking. AWS Certification Sysops is one of the key IT certifications to have today. AWS SysOps Certification will open doors to all kinds of new job opportunities. Don't rely on AWS SysOps Certification Dumps, learn the core skills needed to pass the exam. If you are wondering how to pass AWS certification then this is the course for you. AWS are constantly evolving their platform, in 2018 there have been over 1300 new product releases. As 2019 progresses we will continuously update this course with new content so you will never have to worry about missing out or failing the AWS certification test because of new content. If you are wondering how to pass AWS certification then this course if for you. Most lectures are 5 - 12 minutes long, with almost no lecture being over 20 minutes in length. I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer and Systems Administrator living in London with over 17 years experience in IT. So join me in becoming A Cloud Guru today and get your AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate qualification by completing our AWS online course today! Become an AWS Certified Sysops Administrator today by taking this course. Don't rely on AWS Certified Sysops Administrator dumps. Learn it the right way. This is the ultimate AWS Certified Sysops Administrator study guide.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  UDEMY
  11. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

    This course was just completely refilmed to give you everything you need to master Node. Js in 2019! This includes new content, updated versions, new features, and more. -- Have you tried to learn Node before? You start a new course, and the instructor has you installing a bunch of libraries before you even know what Node is or how it works. You eventually get stuck and reach out to the instructor, but you get no reply. You then close the course and never open it again. Sound familiar? I created this course to be what I wanted when I was learning Node. The Complete Node. Js Developer Course covers the fundamentals of Node before diving deep into great tools like Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB. The entire course is based around a single goal: Turning you into a professional Node developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying real-world production applications. The best way to learn Node is by building Node apps. From the very start you‚ ll be programming every project and working through challenges that I‚ ve designed to reinforce what you‚ ve learned. This will give you the hands-on experience necessary to be able to create and launch your own project once you‚ re done. You‚ ll be building four projects: 1. A note-taking app to get your feet wet 2. A weather application that interacts with the MapBox and Dark Sky APIs 3. A task manager REST API complete with user accounts and authentication 4. A real-time chat app with a client-side companion By the end, you‚ ll be able to take what you‚ ve learned and launch your own Node application. When learning, learn the latest. I work to keep this course full of the most up-to-date Node material out there. This course is compatible with the latest Node. Js version. You‚ re getting access to hot-off-the-press features. Everything you need comes in one easy-to-use package. You can stop worrying if you're learning the right skills to build an app or land a new job. I've curated all the tech that's essential to building real-world apps. I've mapped out everything in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow package designed to get you up and running in a few weeks. There‚ s no better time to learn Node. According to the 2016 Stack Overflow Survey, Node is in the top ten for back-end popularity and back-end salary, with an average salary of $85k. This means more jobs and more opportunities for you. You might get stuck. But I‚ m here to help. There‚ s nothing worse than getting five hours into a course, getting stuck, and not getting the help you need to continue. I‚ m in the Q&A everyday to help you get unstuck. I reply to every question to get you back on track. Don‚ take my word for it. Check the reviews and see what other students are saying. ‚ Any questions people seem to have are answered swiftly, clearly, and often with examples posted on GitHub. Even when the questions asked are out of the scope of the course Andrew seems to come up trumps." - Adam Tait "This is amazing. What's even better is the instructor answered all the questions I asked." - Pak Chu "The real value in this course is Andrew; he is not just a great teacher, but also he's quick to answer questions and provide feedback." - Nick Hester I guarantee this is the most up-to-date and engaging Node course available, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. During eight chapters you'll learn: 1. Node. Js 2. Npm 3. Asynchronous programming 4. ES6/ES7 5. MongoDB 6. Express 7. Socket. IO 8. JWT Authentication 9. Mongoose 10. File and image uploads 11. Email sending 12. Application deployment with Heroku 13. Version control with Git 14. GitHub 15. REST API Design 16. Code testing 17. Debugging 18. Jest 19. Many more tools I can‚ wait to see you on the inside! - Andrew

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    , Production

    Offered by:  UDEMY
  12. Vskills Certified Telecom Management Professional Government Certification

    The Online Course in Telecom Management course gives practical exposure to the complex world of telecom management. The course covers the different aspects of Telecom management that includes marketing communications, technical knowledge and finance side of telecom industry. .

    100 hoursOffline self studyBeginner
    ₹ 4,129

    Telecom Management, Telecom, Retail, Operations

    Offered by:  VSkills
  13. Vskills Certified Company Law Professional Government Certification

    Company Law (or Corporate Law) is the field of law associated with companies and other business organisations. Company Law Professional course will provide knowledge to the candidates on how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders, along with the environment interact with one another. This Vskills government-certified course will assess the candidate’s skills as per the industry’s need for company law.

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121

    Company Law, Law, Accounting, Production, Administration

    Offered by:  VSkills
  14. Retail Management - CPD Accredited

    Retail Managers oversee everything that makes a store work, from behind the scenes functions to the sales floor. They also understand client profiles and empathise with their needs to adjust product supply and are able to anticipate demand to boost profits.The Retail Management Diploma course teaches you everything you need to know to become an efficient retail manager. Through this Retail Management Diploma course, you’ll explore the roles and responsibilities of a retail manager, including supervising distribution, selling products directly to consumers and operating everyday operations within a retail store or department.Throughout this Retail Management course,You’ll also learn to promote merchandise, organise employees, handle customer service and supervise records and accounts. This excellent course is suitable for anyone considering a management position in the retail sector.

    Online self studyPreparatory
    ₹ 1,296 Enquire Now

    Retail management, Sales, Retail, Operations, Safety

    Offered by:  One Education
  15. Vskills Certified Wealth Manager Government Certification

    Wealth Managers offer a variety of high-level professional services like investment and financial advice, estate planning, tax services and legal planning. In brief, a wealth manager can provide every existing financial services in existence| It has a wide scope of opportunities for those who are looking to start a career in finance.| This Vskills Certified Wealth Manager course offers high quality online content and study materials which are couriered to the candidate’s address | Created by experts in the industry, this course covers various areas of wealth management like understanding financial processes and products, insurance, real estate, art, derivatives, etc. | In addition, it also offers training on various aspects like understanding the goals of clients and their constraints | A government certification which is globally accepted is also provided

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121

    Insurance, CAPM, Operations

    Offered by:  VSkills
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